Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nice. More "Only Ones" BS

Former Sherwood High School teacher sued on claims of molesting special education student
The student threatened to report the sexual contact to the principal, according to the complaint, and Keesee threatened to tell her husband, Sherwood Police Officer Adam Keesee, about the relationship.
The complaint says Denise Keesee did tell her husband. Adam Keesee, according to the complaint, began harassing the student by pulling him over on traffic stops and pointing his firearm at the boy.
"In doing so, Officer Keesee actively attempted to prevent Plaintiff from coming forward to the police about what happened," the complaint says.


Anonymous said...

Put this one in the pile along with the OSP tasering the naked teen-age girl on I-5 a few weeks ago, and you have a pattern. Interesting thing about Oregon cops and other public employees in Commissar Kitzhaber's socialist republic: THEY CONTRIBUTE ZERO INTO THEIR PERS AND ARE GUARANTEED 8% PER YEAR RETURN. So we serfs are blessed with the privilege of fully funding our corrupt, badge-carrying oppressors. Is this a great country or what?!

Anonymous said...

No! Say it ain't so!
These people took an oath to serve and protect! To uphold the Constitution!
Don't look for these oath keepers (breakers) to save you.
You will only be kidding yourself if ya do.
The Brown Shirts have arrived. Only in SWAT black.