Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All dressed up and no place in Colorado to go -- yet.

Well, folks, we've made our minimum of 100 on the magazines to smuggle into Colorado -- and then some. The generosity of my readers never ceases to amaze me. Along with magazines, I've received brass and even bullets to enhance my reloading efforts in the same boxes, and of course voluntary donations for gas and expenses. God bless you all.
The problem is that as yet the plan for distributing them has yet to come together. There is a civil disobedience already planned for Custer County on the 4th, but we are given to understand (after an initial invitation by organizers) that they "don't want outsiders" there, Custer County would be a great place to do it because the sheriff there is one of the ones who has signed onto the lawsuit against the intolerable act, and says he won't enforce it, so politically it would be a two-fer. Since I'm going to be out in Colorado anyway, I may cover the event for Sipsey Street because the civil disobedience is news in and of itself.
The other possibility is a 1 July civil disobedience planned for the statehouse steps in Denver, but I am awaiting more information on that. This action, planned on Facebook, is described this way:
1- This isn't a political rally. There will be no guest speakers sound systems mc's or dj's. The time for talking about action is over. This is about willful civil disobedience on the doorstep of those who feign to be our rulers.
2-this is a protest of the new state law. As it is being done in Denver, I suggest everyone bring or exchange magazines that come as close to the 15 round unit as possible while still going over.
3- There is a real possibility of arrest here. with that in mind, I don't recommend bringing mags you cant afford to lose, and i do not recommend carrying."
The organizer is Ryan Tuleja and I am waiting for some more info from him. Previously I had been persuaded by Colorado friends that doing anything in Denver was more than problematic if the crowd numbers were not there. If I'm going to certainly be arrested (as seems to be Tuleja's plan for himself), I don't need a hundred magazines, just one. Perhaps it will be possible to do all three -- participate in the 1 July action in Denver, get bailed out of jail (assuming the bail money can be raised), cover the 4 July action in Custer County AND smuggle in the 100 magazines (with suitable press coverage).
That is how my mind is trending at the moment.


Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref:"The time for talking about action is over."

Unless this mindset takes over the entire country you can kiss your banner of freedom goodbye...right now the far left are winning their battles in the war against America.
When will the rest of America wake up to this reality?

Anonymous said...

Well the folks in Custer County may want to make up their minds PDQ. If things really go to hell across this country in select areas and they don't want outsiders to assist them, we might need to know that in advance so we know to stand down even when it looks like it is getting really nasty for them. Just sayin'

Jay Higgins said...

In with a bail-money donation if necessary. God Bless you Mike and thank you for your courage. Your name WILL BE REMEMBERED in my household and rest assured my grandchildren will know of your resistance.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I'm wondering something. Why do you use Facebook? Reason I ask, is, all this talk of the Social media being "used" by the likes of the NSA, I'd submit this asshole would sell his mother to a mexican whorehouse if he could make a dime. Consider this..he hired an attorney named Ted Ullyot as Facebook's main council.
quote:" Ullyot was a White House lawyer who “helped coordinate the response to the investigation into the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity,” according to a profile in the Los Angeles Times. During his tenure in government, Ullyot worked as an associate counsel to President George W. Bush and was chief of staff to former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, as well as a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Facebook cited Ullyot’s strong ties to the Republican Party as a reason for hiring him."unquote

youbetcha. Who needs the NSA when you have one of the TORTURERS-R-US crew workin for ya. Fuck Facebook AND that vile little prick who owns it. Personally, I completely deleted ALL social media from my life. After all, their making money on peoples surveillance data. Fuck these evil creeps.

Anonymous said...

StorminNorman said:
"When will the rest of America wake up to this reality?"unquote

On the day their front door is kicked in when the DHS stormtroopers come for their guns. In the meantime, the MSM is feeding their Matrix reality on a daily basis, not to mention the War on Reality army...


Make no mistake. We have arrived. The Surveillance State is real and alive and so is the Reality Matrix. This is why the masses will never wake up, until it's too late. And it's getting worse by the day.

Anonymous said...

Make sure they are loaded before sending them. Remember according to that brainiac woman rep. Once you shoot all the boolits the clip is thrown away and eventually all the super duper capacity clips will be gone.

Sean said...

Mike, have you thought about just smuggling in the stuff without all the drama? I'm sure you are aware of all the risks, and results, but I personally don't want to see you suffer all them damn consequences, especially physical ones, when I know it will be painful. To watch my enemies suffer is nothing, my friends, everything. Please consider an in and out, and home again safe.

Anonymous said...


Here is another event going on that you may wish to work with:


Anonymous said...

"Perhaps it will be possible to do all three -- participate in the 1 July action in Denver, get bailed out of jail (assuming the bail money can be raised), cover the 4 July action in Custer County AND smuggle in the 100 magazines (with suitable press coverage)."

Problem is, Mike: they may keep you in custody without bail for days like they did Kokesh to keep you from being able to attend any other 'uprisings'.

Just keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

You do realize there is a chance you will die in custody?

John in MI said...


Do you have a plan to get the word out to your readers if you do get arrested? I will help with bail-money (don't have much but...) if you need but where/ who would I send it?

Anonymous said...

Since you will be flagrantly violating a Colorado "law", and they will want to make an example of you, what makes you think you will get bail, since surely you would be considered a flight risk?

Also, all those magazines will be totally wasted. You might as well just mail them to the Colorado state police because those guys will wind up using them someday or they will just be destroyed after being used as evidence against you.

That's the biggest reason I haven't sent you any magazines. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT THIS FOLLY. There are other ways to support the Second Amendment. For example, being able to continue updating your blog every day, my friend.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck bail. Bust Mike outta jail!!

Anonymous said...


Speaking of CO - the sec of state for CO has now formally announced that enough signatures were valid. Morse's lawyers are trying to get out of the whole recall on a technicality, claiming that the recall process is invalid. I love seeing politicians squirming like this!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I suggest you recruit some 'confederates' to video your excursions behind enemy lines. These volunteers should be dressed like the enemy - rainbow/obama/SPliecenter t-shirts, wear birkenstocks, etc. This way the thugs will not be able to single out 'the guy(s) with the camera' and neutralize that asset, should things go badly.

Anonymous said...

Folks: The 2nd Amendment and Support Our Sheriff's Rally in Custer County on July 4th is NOT a "civil disobedience" event. The organizers have stated that all Colorado firearms laws are to be observed. It is simply a citizens rally to support our Sheriff's in their effort to repeal the new unconstitutional firearms laws recently passed here in Colorado. The march will be led by the Custer County Sheriff (along with other Sheriff's and state and local politicians). No misbehavior will be tolerated.