Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Imagine a Future Free from Gun Violence"

"Yet the poor fellows think they are safe! They think that the war is over! Only the dead have seen the end of war." -- Santayana's "Soliloquies in England," Soliloquy #25, "Tipperary" (Scribners, 1924, p. 102)
These innocents no longer have to worry about anything. They have inherited "a future free from gun violence."
David Codrea links to this piece of CSGV bilge: “I know I for one will never touch a firearm again.” Readers will recall that CSGV is the premier open advocacy group for a government monopoly of violence in this country. When I went to the link I was struck once more by the banner sentiment at the top of their site: "Imagine a Future Free from Gun Violence." Of course the sick truth behind this lie is that the only thing CSGV objects to is the people having the means and the right to resist their "government monopoly of violence." Santayana was right. Only the dead have seen the end of war -- or of tyranny, for that matter. So, until the Second Coming, you'd better be prepared to meet these practitioners of a "government monopoly of violence" with the only thing they understand and will respond to -- countervailing force. Got militia?


SWIFT said...

There exists an element, in every society, that yearns for a cradle to grave dictatorship. They need to be told what to do and when to do it. They remind me of the "Deltas" in Brave New World. The only difference I can see is,many contemporary drones have the advantage of a worthless, state sponsored, left-wing education. The majority however, find total happiness in possessing of that holy grail, the EBT card. A total state monopoly of violence is perfectly acceptable. That spineless mind set is so alien to me, I'm bewildered when I meet their kind in daily life. They are among us and they're numbers are legion.

Anonymous said...


"their" not "they're" numbers are legion.

Their means the numbers belong to them. They're means they are.

It would have been correct to say "they're legion". But "their numbers are legion" is correct because "their" refers to or modifies "numbers" and defines whose numbers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Grammar Nazi....I'm sure SWIFT knows the difference. It was probably just a slip up. Let it go....like you never made a typo or had a slip up. Sheesh.

catfish said...

Mike for those that wish to read "Soliloquies in England" for free, they may find it here in many e-flavors.

William Flatt said...

[ ...be prepared to meet these practitioners of a "government monopoly of violence" with the only thing they understand and will respond to -- countervailing force.]
I've been prepared for years... just waiting on others to get onto the same page and commit to seeing this through to the very end. But remember, you can strike at the branches or you can follow the counsel of Henry David Thoreau who said; "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root..."

Those who have masterminded this evil we now face, and those who have led in carrying out this dark agenda are the ones who rightly should face our rifles in the field... and they are the ones who are, rightly so, the most fearful. They are the root.

Each and every one of you who are fellow 3%ers need to be the one who strikes the root.

Restoring the Republic will necessarily entail removing the cancer in a top-down fashion. Cut the head off the snake and the 'drones' who are 'legion' suddenly become a lot less formidable.