Saturday, June 29, 2013

Soliciting race war, one news cycle at a time.

CNN runs a crawler that is in direct contradiction to what was being testified to.
"Media inciting hate, race war with Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case."


bondmen said...

Why is the media doing this, in particular CNN? Their ratings are in the dungeon and a race war would bring many new watchers to boost ratings! And the politicians in DC could use the tragedy of innocent people being harmed only because of the color of their skin to proclaim America is still a racist country, we'll pass some new laws to make it all go away! Both facets of tyranny win, big media and big feral government.

A race war means many innocent people with not a shred of hate or prejudice in them would be bloody targets of violence merely on account of their looks. Of course certain powerful political groups are demonizing many Americans because of their closely held values and beliefs, so how is this any different?

Anonymous said...


This ain't LA, and this ain't Rodney King. I was there. Sa-i-gu was a product of the LA media then, and this "threat" is the product of the Orlando/Miami scheme teams, Gannett, and the rest of the inbred ilk--Making their only source of revenue off of your clicks.

Where are those "protesters" outside the courthouse? Where's the NBP and their freshly printed wanted dead or alive posters? Where's all the reverends?

It's real safe to send out twatter and farcebook posts--that's how these pussies roll. When S-H-T-776.013, they'll have a moment of clarity.


Alan W. Mullenax said...

I live here in Florida. Trust me, acquittal or conviction, ain't nothing mush going to happen.

Just Disgusted said...

In looking over the news lately I have been wondering about something.
Is it possible that maybe some of the people in the North have been thinking that...... maybe... their relatives were on the wrong side in the civil war?
Did not realize that all those dead Americans would lead to a $100,000,000.00 African vacation.
Just sayin;..............