Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tell us again how a gun in the home is more dangerous than the chance of being the victim of a home invasion.

Terrifying New Jersey home invasion and beating caught on homeowner's nanny cam.


Anonymous said...

If she had a gun she could have dropped him at the door instead of her being dropped down the basement stairs.

William Flatt said...

Politicians are like this home invader; they both want a 'safe working environment'. Both deserve the same treatment (in the caliber of your choice).

It's why I don't live in NJ. But the people stuck living there are gonna have to fight to get their liberty back.

We'll all have to fight to restore liberty.

Anonymous said...

a little more "diversity" in action...hopefully she is finding the proper fit on her new supplement her longgun training...hopefully...

Anonymous said...

Whats the problem here.. ???
This is just the governments new Gun Control agent making house calls..

This POS needs a slow death.. I volunteer.

Yank lll