Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cop rape case highlights life-endangering outrage of ‘Only Ones’ mentality

Cop target available at Speedwell Division of the Rockwood Corporation.
Today's Gun Rights Examiner commentary adds another dimension to that "national conversation on guns" the antis say they want to have. Why not see if they're serious? Send them this link, then watch them shuffle, evade, change the subject, attack, ridicule and do everything but directly answer the following question: Under what circumstances would you find it morally justifiable to shoot a police officer?


Judgement Comes said...

Very interesting and relevant. I recently read a posting on Western Rifle Shooters re: how not to get killed by a fed. The advice, in short, is COMPLY and they may not kill you.

So I guess these poor women (I assume they were all women) knew to comply rather than die!

But then, now that SCOTUS has cleared the way for a new age of sodomy, you never know...ya know? I can't WAIT for the first married man reported to be raped by a cop. My advice is ... Just lay there. You may survive.

There are very few things lower than a dirty cop.

The US as it exists today is DAMNED for sure.

Anonymous said...

Look, this is blown out of proportion, a tiny minority, 99% or so of cops who give the other 1% a bad rap.

So ease up, already.

Anonymous said...

other way around maybe 1% are good . It is a small enough minority to be remarkable when you meet one. Most are not good and in any encounter with the "only ones" no matter, what your role is your life is in imminant danger the minute one of them comes on site.

Anonymous said...

Just compound the doctrine of escalation. For every rape and murder they do, rape and murder 10 of them or 100 of them.

Of course, if nobody backs down, or decides to act like they have some degree of sanity, this will thin down the population of North America considerably.

Generally, one would hope at least, that this ends up being a situation where one group of psychos wipes out another group of psychos.

Unfortunately, in the 60,000+ generations that mankind has existed(in some form or other), this has yet to weed out ALL of the psychos. Maybe it's just an issue of finding the women with the psycho gene and putting them on the front lines. ;)

Anonymous said...

The bystanders at the Empire State shooting would probably like to add in the well meaning cops who are incompetent or merely having a bad day. How many "good guys" did the displaced desk jockey shoot?

Anonymous said...

I moved from Sacramento because of the corrupt legal system and law enforcement there. After 30 yrs of witnessing first hand the true nature of Sacramento cops, and a failed court fight with the corrupt Child Support system whereby the DA stole approx $45k while claiming I was $42k in arrears, I moved out of state, never to return..ever. Long story but I learned the truth. Corruption is Sacramento's middle name. Same as most large city's across this nation.