Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Anonymous said...

I obviously missed something, which is not all that unusual. What is the meaning of these references to a "black dog"?

-Old Greybeard

Dick B said...

I'm a writer. Mostly 'Alternative History' and seditious political crap.

I've got a trilogy 'in progress' on an alternative outcome to the War for Southern Independence. The time it takes for research (I like my stuff to be plausible.) is killing.

The story line has to be consistent, the time for back checking and proofing is killing.

And the efforts to incite rebellion are also time consuming.

People who don't do this stuff don't understand.

William Flatt said...

OGB, go to and search for "Winston Churchill" + "Black Dog". You'll see that it's how MV refers to his writer's block & his mood. Churchill had a sour temperament and you'll be hard pressed to find ANY pictures from the history books that show a cheerful Churchill.

I'm actually surprised that you've missed the explanation of 'Black Dog', given that Mike has referenced it so much over the last several months. But the original post where Mike explains the reference is at Monday, December 5, 2011
Another comment upon the obvious. Had a touch of the black dog lately, at exactly the wrong time.

redcrown said...

As I recall, Churchill's "black dog" was depression.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please answer my question about a black dog in the first comment?

-Old Greybeard

Dutchman6 said...

OGB -- The readers above are correct. Churchill's black dog was depression. Mine is not so clinical, but it is how I refer to my writer's block.

William Flatt said...

Mike, I just want to clarify and say I don't think you suffered from depression (as Churchill did)... but ya gotta admit, suffering from writer's block at a time when you want to make significant progress on your novel will still put you in a black mood. I know I'd be in a black mood if I was stuck! ...It's probably why I haven't taken up writing as a profession even though many people tell me I'd be articulate enough to have a go at it.

Here's to your victory over the Black Dog as I'm still praying for you in all you do. ~ Will