Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm shocked. . . SHOCKED! to find domestic spying going on here.

FBI Director Says Agency Is Using Drones Over The U.S.


Anonymous said...

During the Vietnam War I was in the U.S. Army Security Agency (one of the military branches of NSA). At one base we had an Electronic Warfare Company. Their job was radio jamming. Fast forward to the mid 1980's when "Captain Midnight" took control of a HBO satellite with a jamming device. Later it was determined to be an employee of a satellite uplink company who was having fun. Now in present day where one of our drones got hijacked recently and landed in the middle-east. What would happen if someone got creative and decided to JAM the drone signal. The present signal comes down from a satellite with fairly low power. Imagine a broad-sprectum ZAP of a few hundred/thousand watts of power. When I was in school for the USASA, one of my roommates was in Electronic Maintenance school and informed me of jamming the radar devices that the MP's on base used for speed control. Lotsa power FRIED several of the radar units. Same idea could work with the drones. A focused beam pointed upwards (at the drone) and shielded from side scatter should go un-noticed.

SWIFT said...

Mueller lies. The FBI has it's own air force. To believe that drones are rarely used, is too much of a stretch. Their track record shows that there isn't any law, policy, or regulation that's too sacred to be broken. The FBI brought itself to it's current image of lacking credibility. Things have gotten to the point that I believe they enjoy their rogue image.

Anonymous said...

Just sittin here waiting for the web to go dark....Go time.
Rules of engagement per Bill Clinton's Bosnian Adventure.