Monday, June 24, 2013

"Emperor Alexander"

Meet The Man In Charge Of America's Secret Cyber Army (In Which "Bonesaw" Makes A Mockery Of PRISM)


SWIFT said...

Alexander, a favorite of Rumsfeld, says it all. What a sorry state of affairs for the Republic. As I sit here typing, I'm looking at my hat from the Pennsylvania Gun Owners Association. Embroidered on the front are the words: It's Going To Take a Revolution. Yeah, too late for anything else.

Anonymous said...

After learning of General Alexander, I have reevaluated my comparisons of America to Ancient Rome.

Before learning of that man, I didn't think any of the big-name generals like Petraeus were ever going to be like Julius Caesar of the final days of the Republic.

I was wrong.

CowboyDan said...

That's some extremely sick shit, Mike.

I read the ZH article and marked the links to read later. Some of the comments are almost as sick as the programs to which the article referred.

Scary, scary, scary.

Anonymous said...

SWIFT said...

quote"It's Going To Take a Revolution."unquote

well, all I can say better start pretty quick...cause these motherfuckers already changed the rules..