Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The rush to non-judgment of B. Toad Jones

Grassley sees rush to confirm ATF chief facing probe


Anonymous said...

The "acting" head of the ATF doesn't have a clue. right.

quote"During his confirmation hearing last week before the committee, Mr. Jones said — when asked about the complaint — he had not seen “the substance of the complaints nor can I comment on what they are.” He told the committee, “I have learned more from your statement today than what I knew before I came here this morning about the nature and substance of the complaint.”unquote

right. He hasn't seen “the substance of the complaints.


priceless. ya know, if these schmucks in Congress believe that, I gotta bridge in Brooklyn for sale. I mean..sheeeesusHchrist..he's been acting as the ATF director for how long?..and he hasn't seen the F&F ...wait..wait..don't tell me. Let me guess..you were trying to figure out what that sound is, right? You know, that cacophonous wave of raucous gut splitting laughter building coast to coast..that sound, right? Right.

ya know, this Congress is dumber than a bowl of fucking jello.

Anonymous said...

"Just tell them, to the best of your recollection, you cannot recall" -- Richard M. Nixon