Monday, June 17, 2013

"Our Masters, the Bureaucrats."

The thing the new "masters" should understand is that they are NOT "untouchable" in the event they spark a civil war.
Ten Thousand Lawyers, Part One.
Ten Thousand Lawyers, Part Two.
Ten Thousand Lawyers, Part Three.


Unknown said...

Hey Mike, you should consider making a pdf or if it is already available, putting a link on your homepage here. I was looking to read it, but I think I am missing something.

At, you have links up to chapter 24, but then in this article, you mention chapter 32.

Unknown said...

Can you post a pdf of your book? I am trying to read absolved, but I only see up to chapter 24 at the link you provide, then I see this article about chapter 32.

pdxr13 said...

I don't want a .pdf. I want a big fat hardcover on cream-colored acid-free paper, with a mylar covered dust jacket, 1st/1st, signed by the author.

Unknown said...

I've just finished (2 days which for me is quite impressive) Philbrick's 'Bunker Hill' and am totally blown away by the contributions that Joseph Warren made. Philbrick contends that had Warren not been killed, we could well not have heard much of Washington. Philbrick has an interview lined up with the The Book Report radio show this coming weekend, and Elaine Charles is said to be focusing specifically on the Warren perspective. You'll find the radio schedule on their website: bookreportradio dotcom.