Monday, June 17, 2013

Bloomberg bus to stop in N.H. after cops called on activists in Conn.

His narrative is instructive, because it exposes the often-repeated and obvious falsehood that the MAIG group is only interested in going after “illegal guns.” According to this report, they saw lawful activity they do not approve of and still attempted to use armed authorities to put a stop to it, which means they're not above using law enforcement to endanger peaceable citizens exercising freedoms they oppose.


Anonymous said...

Too bad someone(s) didn't put a few holes in more then one bus tires (the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round - but not so much when they're flat).

B Woodman

FedUp said...

The MAIG creed:

1. We oppose illegal guns.
2. All guns should be illegal, so until they really are illegal, let's just pretend they already are illegal.
3. We oppose all guns not owned by government or reserved for protecting very wealthy people.

William Flatt said...

In a jurisdiction where carry is legal, this is nothing less than False Reporting (to the police). If anyone should be arrested, it's the anti's. And since they have guns so much, they should move to China.