Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Illinois AG wants yet more time to decide on how to restrict armed self-defense

Madigan's stall tactics are a transparent attempt to inflict the most restrictive, intrusive and unworkable defensive firearm carry law possible on the people of Illinois. At the same time, while she stalls, Illinoisans are being forced to choose between "law abiding" (and thus defenseless against predatory muggers, rapists and murderers), and prepared to defend themselves (and thus "gun criminals," as per a law already ruled to be unconstitutional, but still enforced in 99 of the state's 102 counties). The Supreme Court has no business helping her in that endeavor.


Anonymous said...

Lisa madigans job is to protect the individual liberties of each Illinoisan. Instead of doing her job, she works feverishly, in any way possible to delay and destroy a federally enumerated right. She, along with her father, play a mindless game of politics with these enumerated rights.

After arguing unsuccessfully that the Second Amendment "didn't apply" to state government, after her crew tried to claim that federal judiciary decisions are "advisory", and even after witnessing ongoing and arguably increasing violence in Illinois largest city, she plays her part in a democrat AND republican SCHEME to keep in place statutory code that was clearly decided to be unconstitutional. On this point the NRA and other lobbyists groups and people have home "NEUTRAL".

How pathetic!

A significant gain was made here in the seventh with the court admitting not only that banning carry is infringement but so too is forcing people to have unloaded arms is the same. IMHO, the entire national focus should be on what's happening here because its a game changer for the country to defeat the gun controllers of Chicago. Instead, we get "neutral" and shush. The NRA argued openly AGAINST constitutional carry. It's "leadership" here has stifled those arguing for it and even ignored legislation attempting to codify exactly that. It seems to me that the NRA is more on the side of "untouchable" Lisa madigan than on the side if its own membership or the rights of the people it claims to defend. That's something I would think every NRA member would want to know as they consider how the NRA is using Monies donated to it.

Ed said...

It is interesting that the District Attorneys in 98 counties in Illinois are STILL willing to prosecute under a law that has been found to be unconstitutional.
They are all law school graduates and members of the Illinois Bar, are they not?
Business as usual?
What other unethical choices are they making?

Anonymous said...

Actually the real reason is they are trying too pass an assault weapons ban and if they sign into law the CCW law they will be unable to do that

Paul X said...

It gives people a chance to exercise their law-breaking muscles, which had seriously atrophied until recently.