Tuesday, June 18, 2013

That whole "Losing the Mandate of Heaven" thing. More on delegitimization.

Government compromises our trust


William Flatt said...

Better Late than never, USA Today!

I've not trusted the federal gov't for well on 20 years now. My waking moment was when the military went to go get Noriega, and by their own internal documents killed 1,000 Panamanians to get to him. Nearly 2/3rds of those killed (about 600) were civilians, noncombatants. The numbers given by former Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark were even higher (4,000), along with several human rights organizations. This apparent lack of proportionality and protection of civilians, compared to no more than 23 US KIA and 300 Panamanian military, goes against everything I was taught about Just War. No military necessity could justify that much death and destruction for just one man, and at that a man whom our gov't put into power to begin with.

From that point forward, what passes for government in America has successively lost more and more legitimacy. FBI's HRT laying siege, Waco style, to Mormon families' farmhouses, because of the unsubstantiated transgressions of a single family member. Ruby Ridge. The Waco Massacre. The OKC false-flag bombing (was supposed to be the pretext for the original draft of the PATRIOT ACT); and everything that has followed since.

Many Americans are just now waking up to the tyranny, and lack a fundamental knowledge of the wounds inflicted upon our liberty prior to 9/11. Those of us who are old(er) farts need to bring the young'uns up to speed, so they can appreciate the fact that this has been going on for some time and only getting worse. Perhaps then they will grasp that this cannot be allowed to continue into the next generation, to our everlasting condemnation. We must restore liberty now.

Paul X said...

From the article:
"In light of NSA leaks, the government has compromised its moral capital."

Well I'll be danged. I didn't realize they had any to compromise.

A lot of believers in the government religion are turning into apostates these days...