Friday, February 18, 2011

"Delusional": "What the heck are you doing with over 200 AK47s?"

So ask the Three Sonorans writing here.

My comment:

“And if you think you need these guns to defend yourself from the government, you are delusional, as you will NEVER be able to compete with the US military and their tanks, fighter jets, missiles, and atomic weapons.”

Tell it to any number of guerrilla forces who fought successfully in lop-sided contests with heavily armed governments throughout history. The military utility of “tanks, fighter jets, missiles, and atomic weapons” when fighting a civil war in your own country across your own forces’ logistical tail and among its political support is limited at best. What was the word you used, “delusional”?

What you are really saying here is that YOU would never try to defend yourself against the government, even an oppressive one, because YOU perceive the odds of YOUR survival as minimal. You are extrapolating from your own cowardice.

There are certainly many, many people in this country who unlike you are indeed willing to die for their principles regardless of odds. The overwhelming majority of those are also willing to kill in righteous self defense of those principles as well.

But to posit that the federal government is too powerful to fight is not only evidence of either historical ignorance or amnesia, but also of Borg-like collectivist “resistance is futile” thinking.

Of course the people in the story above were illegals and thus prohibited persons under the law, but that is not the thrust of your argument. Your problem is summed up in your first sentence: “AK47s are not used for hunting.” By that I assume you mean that the Kalashnikov, using a relatively underpowered cartridge for game and possessing rudimentary sights is not the first choice of hunters.

Yes, well, perhaps, but your point is? The Second Amendment is not about shooting fuzzy animals or “sporting purposes” (a foreign concept imported by Senator Thomas Dodd, a former Nuremberg prosecutor, into the Gun Control Act of 1968 directly from the Nazi gun control laws).

The Second Amendment is about creating a credible deterrence of tyranny and placing it in the hands of the people to use as a counterbalance against the federal government, and if need be, its army. (Although, in practical terms, it is the sons and daughters of the “bitter clingers” who largely inhabit military ranks, and they all took an oath to the Constitution not “the government” so good luck enforcing unconstitutional orders on THEM.)

It was written by Founders who had just come out of a bloody war to do just that — fight a lop-sided war against the most powerful empire on the planet.

And if that is what you are about, the Kalashnikov works very nicely, thank you.

Don’t believe me? Ban them and watch what happens.

Mike Vanderboegh

In any case, the answer to their question: "What the heck are you (two illegals) doing with over 200 AK47s?" probably was "smuggling them south with the full knowledge of the Phoenix ATF Project Gunwalker boys."


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Anonymous said...

Your quite right, Mike, historically insurections have pitted armies against guerilla forces. Just look at the last century for multiple examples.

When the time comes, those footmen who don't know their history will be surprised, if not taken out of the game before they have a chance to think about it.

Unless things change dramatically, and soon, a revolution will be foisted upon us. DC has already declared war by it's illegal confiscation of income taxes and wanton spending. And now they won't listen to people saying No, no more. What alternative is there?

Anonymous said...

Mike, your writing just gets better and better. My favorite from this post - "extrapolating from your own cowardice" is just priceless. Keep it up.

sofa said...

“What the heck are you doing with over 200 AK47s?”

Isn’t that what the British were asking in Lexington and Concord?
Did they get their answer?

“Sic Semper Tyrannis”.

Anonymous said...

I'm really going to enjoy prying the teeth out of these peoples' heads just for the fun of it once things start percolating.

aughtsix said...

Another tour de force, Mike.

Succinctly brilliant, not that those cockroaches scurrying from the Light will acknowledge or learn.

Mores the pity for them, and all of us.


PKL said...

My Responses there were as follows.

If you legalize God's green plants, Folks here will grow them if they want them. They'll get them anyways, may as well make it easier to obtain. The Black Market thrives on goods which the government forbids, or makes difficult to obtain, or levies taxes on. The Drug Cartels cannot exist without the drug laws that make their trade profitable. If that no longer turns a profit, then they'll do something else to bring themselves gain. It's the nature of the market to only do that which brings gain. Cartels are an attempt by groups of entrepreneurs to control their sector of the market. In a healthy, uncontrolled market, they would naturally collapse for economic reasons. However, in a controlled and heavily regulated market, they turn a far greater profit than is natural. Since their trade is illegal, armed government agents are frequently sent out against them. The natural response of the businessmen in this trade or any other trade in illegal goods, is to protect their investments by taking up arms to equal their attackers. Of course this is normal for any business to protect itself through a security of some kind. But because these folks are outlaws, they can't protect their investment by installing a security system or by having a cop or security agent stationed at the door. So, they deal with gangs or hire guys to fight to protect their investments. "Nothing personal. It's just business." If you could get a scoop of Coca Ice cream at baskin robins or some high quality bud at the farmer's market, two Mexicans having guns would be a non-issue. It'd just be 2 Mexicans who obviously like the AK platform of weapon.

I thought some about my post, then added this:

Oh, and I forgot to say something about the guns themselves... 7.62x39mm round is an excellent cartridge for hunting. The AK platform (you never mentioned exactly which guns they had) is a great one inside of 200M. My own hunting rifle is a WWII battle rifle made in 1943. It fires the 7.62x54rimmed cartridge which is far more powerful than what is used in the AK. It has been used in warfare, and I assume it killed some Axis soldiers. It's a great deer and bear gun. The 18" bayonet is also good for when you're going after wild hogs.

As for the bill of rights, if it didn't exist, the rights still would. If it's given by the government, it's a privilege. If it is something you're entitled to from birth, it's a Natural Right. Life, Liberty, Property. Since guns preserve your liberty, are your property, and can be used to preserve your life, you have the right to build or obtain one, so long as no one else's rights are trampled in so doing.

Bill St. Clair said...

Actually, the 7.62x39 has almost exactly the same energy as the most common deer cartridge in America, the 30-30. And its pointed tip makes it hold that energy a little longer. You'd probably want hollow points, not military FMJ, though.

PKL said...

@Bill: I'm not knocking the AK/SKS round, I'm just saying that military rifles are great for hunting (since the kook that wrote the article thought otherwise).I used my M91/30 as an example of a "scary high-powered military rifle meant to kill humans" that could in fact be use as a hunting rifle.

Fat n Baaaaldy said...

Hmmm, irregulars going up against tanks and jets?

If there's an afterlife, you might get the chance to ask the officers and men of the Russian tank division who entered Grozny,

"So what happened when night came?"

As most who come here follow a certain Jewish person's teachings. The men who did the killing that night, are unlikely to talk to us.