Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Larry Pratt comes out swinging on the Project Gunwalker scandal while the "800 pound gorilla" NRA rests upon its considerable ass.

Eric Holder to Lanny Breuer, pointing at the 800 pound gorilla sitting on its ass: "What about him?" Breuer: "Don't worry, that's the NRA, he's tame."

As previously reported, FOX had two pieces on the Project Gunwalker scandal today. The better of the two was Larry Pratt's commentary on the Traver nomination which of course is intimately intertwined now with the Gunwalker scandal.

Larry came out swinging, and apparently the ATF had declined to provide anyone to defend Traver, for it was Larry vs. Megyn Kelly, who was spinning out the administration meme as best she could.

I want to go on record about one thing. When it came to David's and my attention that the whistleblowers were out there willing to tell their stories, Larry Pratt was one of the first guys we called for advice on how and who to contact to make that happen. GOA worked quietly behind the scenes, helping us get in touch with the right people in Sessions' and Grassley's offices. We also consulted him on how to help move the story along in the media. At every turn, Larry and the GOA were there to help any way they could. It is the height of irony that the FOX build-up to the story on Traver credited NRA with its opposition, whereas it was GOA that was, like the Gunwalker scandal, early in the trenches against Traver while the NRA sat back and calculated the odds, as the Lairds of Fairfax always do.

When the behind-the-scenes story of the opening moves of the Project Gunwalker scandal is finally told, you will be able to find Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America in the index with multiple citations. The NRA? Once again, missing in action, resting upon its considerable "800 pound gorilla" ass. Of course, they will later claim credit for all of it, as they usually do -- after the fact.


Link: Larry Pratt takes on Obama's ATF nomination. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vir7ebYAoWY&feature=player_embedded#at=24


Bad Cyborg said...

If ANYONE harbored ANY illusions about (the very lovely) Megyn's true colors this should dispel them once and for all. The woman is a pure, clear quil, uncut leftist/statist if ever I saw one. She MIGHT be somewhat to the right of O'Reilley but she is in no sense a conservative - or even a centerist for that matter!

I ourely love looking at that woman on my HiDef TV but I will never take seriously any opinion she offers in the future. She just moved from the "to be protected" column to the "target" column. If I lived near where she does, she'd be on my 1CH list - a couple of spaces below Gretchen Carlson.

Bad Cyborg X

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Mr. Pratt was aces today (and apparently for a lot longer than just today). Very well done.

Dakota said...

Well done Larry .... what a great man. He knows his material and he knows how to present it.... Let's see if we can get him a contributing position on FOX.

Sorry Megan you fake blonde dummy .... you didn't get your way this time.

Brock Townsend said...

"Accessory to the murder of a border patrol agent."

How sweet it is.

Anonymous said...

I can see that GOA is where our 2nd Amendment donations should be going. NRA lost all credibility long ago. Rename them National Rifle Assassination. They are the enemy.

oldsmobile98 said...

Three huzzahs and a tiger for Larry Pratt!

Up the Founders' Republic!

WarriorClass said...

Larry Pratt did a great job, as usual. Support GOA with your $$, not just lip service.


E. Colon said...

They will decide the topics that are up for discussion? How can she say that it was irrelevant?

Anonymous said...

Just re-upped GOA, glad I did! Also joined SAF and JPFO last month.

My NRA hitch is up - may reluctantly renew at a minimal level, if only for the faint hope we can somehow drag the gorilla, kicking and screaming, over to our side.

Yeah, I'm dreaming again...


Anonymous said...

Not only is the NRA tame, it's been neutered. Most members seem to be neutered as well.


Anonymous said...

I've really liked Kelly. The interview kind of shocked me...needless to say - I was sorely disappointed, and will watch with new awareness.

Anonymous said...

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.--Hamlet: Act 3, Scene 2

Does anyone really believe the anchor chick was unaware of Senator Grassley's ongoing investigation or Larry Pratt's steadfast opposition to the ATF(u)?

As an official gatekeeper, Megyn Kelly cannot allow the perception she is being outmaneuvered by her guest. As a "fair and balanced" journalist, she cannot permit Larry Pratt's "accessory to murder" charge pass without offering nominal resistance to the accusation.

This Larry Pratt interview undoubtedly motivated many FOX viewers to Google "ATF Gunwalker".

Please take note that the controversial sound bite was not edited out and that the interview ended cordially.

Chalk this up as a a huge agitprop victory for our side. :^)


P.S. There are more things in heaven and earth, Bad Cyborg, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. ;^)

Dennis308 said...

Larry did a wonderful job of getting the last word in on the "Gun-walker" scandel and I gave him a call to tell him so and thank him for doing it.

If ya will remember he came down to Brownsville,TX. for the RTC Rally, And he really is a very nice gentelman.

Dam'n though he had Kelly all wound up though WTF is her Problem.


Shooter 2.5 said...

Well, as usual the goa still can't do a single thing without the NRA's help. Pratt seems to have a problem with the NRA only because they were TWO days behind the goa in making a statement. It must be due to the fact the NRA has an executive board and a regular board of directors instead of being a family owned t-shirt company.
I have asked the members of a conservative website for seven years as to what the goa has ever done ON THEIR OWN and have yet to receive an answer.

The goa didn't do a thing to help the Katrina victims.
The NRA was able to delay Parker VS. Washington D.C. which we would have lost until we added Alito and Roberts. That lawsuit became Heller VS. Washington D.C. The NRA shared arguments and the goa was nowhere in sight.
The NRA shared arguments with the Second Amendment Foundation with McDonald Vs. Washington D.C. The goa had to mention the NRA in it's amicus brief which is pathetic.
The NRA and the SAF have each filed numerous lawsuits after Heller and McDonald. The goa has yet to file a single one. The NRA threatened to file a lawsuit against the city of Morton Grove. That city no longer has the infamous Morton Grove gun ban. Thank you NRA and thank you SAF.

If the goa had any sort of track.record they wouldn't need to ever mention the NRA. Thanks for nothing, goa