Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This just in: "The Washington Post is still dead." So, too, is Matt Drudge. "Woodward and Bernstein circa 1972 they ain't." Time for a cacerolazo.

A cacerolazo or cacerolada is a form of popular protest practised in certain Spanish-speaking countries – in particular Argentina – which consists in a group of people creating noise by banging pots, pans, and other utensils in order to call for attention. What is peculiar about this type of demonstration is that the people protest from their own homes, thus achieving a high level of support and participation.

The word comes from Spanish cacerola, which means "stew pot". The derivative suffix -azo denotes a hitting (punching or striking) action, and has been extended metaphorically to any sort of shock demonstration. -- Wikipedia.

This just in: "The Washington Post is still dead."

The Gunwalker story continues to poke along, without much real investigative reportage on the part of "authorized journalists," which is no doubt a comfort to the cover-up artists of the ATF, FBI and DOJ. They know they're caught, but then they've been caught before and gotten away with it when the press failed to follow up. Even a normally astute sniffer of scandals guy like Jerry Seper of the Washington Times managed to write a story yesterday that was barely skin deep.

The largely lazy "authorized journalists" David and I have spoken with have been easily distracted by events (the best real reporter early on in this story was snatched away from it to cover the story in Egypt) or by the difficulty of getting behind the cover-up. They consistently demand that we turn over OUR sources, unmindful of the legalities and consequences for the whistleblowers, and seem incapable of developing their own, even when we point them in the right direction. Some seem unable to find the phone number of Senator Grassley's office. Woodward and Bernstein circa 1972 they ain't.

And it isn't just "authorized journalists." Matt Drudge has ignored every tip and link that David, I and others have sent him since 28 December. Alvie D. Zane has addressed this mystery by sending an Open Letter to Matt Drudge, which he invites others to cut, paste and send to Drudge.

Alvie sent me this email just a few minutes ago:

You know what’s ironic that I didn’t even swerve into? Drudge started out as an obscure one man show just putting what was interesting on his web page. A guy with a computer. A couple of guys with their computers are breaking Project Gunwalker. And where is Drudge on this story?


Has he become the very model of a modern media figure that he used to despise and mock regularly?

Pete at Western Rifle Shooters links to Alvie's piece and goes one step further, asking that readers "take the substance of Alvie's letter, along with David's automatically-updated log of his and Mike's work in the case, and send same not only to Drudge, but also to the following media outlet email addresses." He then lists links to a host of world-wide press outlets, from Al Jazeera to the BBC.

If this story is to move, it must BE moved by the people who want to see justice done in the murder of CBP Agent Brian Terry. It is time for a cacerolazo of the people to draw attention to this story. Some of you are already doing your best. Keep it up. Bang louder.

Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer scans today's Washington Post. Still nothing. Good. I wonder if Grimaldi is tired of caviar yet?


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Speaking of "Authorized Journalism," read and chuckle.

Deputy District Attorney Doreen M. Hoffmann said that to be legally considered an assault weapon, the gun needed to have a folding stock, which it didn’t have. It had a folding barrel, which Hoffmann said is not illegal.

Anyone know where I can get one of those "folding barrels"?

Anonymous said...

Like you, I have sent Drudge a tip with every new bit of information. He could have scooped every major news outlet in America with this story but apparently he's not interested in that.

Several days ago I sent him an email asking him why he felt Janet Jackson's decades-old sibling abuse stories were more considered to be more newsworthy than this one? It really makes no sense.

Aside from being a scandal of epic proportions, Project Gunwalker contains sensationalism on so many levels one would think reporters would love to dive knee deep into it! Murder and corruption with links to the highest levels of U.S. government? Yep! Links to the Mexican drug cartels, porous borders, illegal aliens, and keeping Mexican authorities in the dark? Yep! Incompetence, harassment, lies, and denial? Yep! It's all there, but Drudge and others remain uninterested.

What interests him today is "Scottish Deerhound (dog) is Best in Show". *facepalm*

Carl Bussjaeger said...

I, too, tried to clue in Drudge the other day. He won't even post one of his little linkless "Possible ATF Scandal ... Developing ... " blurbs to show it's penetrated his awareness, even if he isn't ready to report it.

I'm calling this phenomenon the Drudge Dodge(TM).

Michael Gilson said...

Do you think we might have better luck with that Taiwanese television station that takes current news stories and turns them into CGI cartoons? They seem to have a real eye for the absurd and hypocritical, and the stories they do get a lot of attention.

ebd10 said...

Is there a way to get intouch with Mike Flynn, editor of Andrew Breitbart's "Big Government" website?

BrianF said...

You've never heard of the illicit "Gumby Gun Shop"?
It's where anyone can pick up a folding barrel.

Defender said...

I think the current Federal Communications Commission plan to yank licenses if TV stations and websites provide no "public value" has everyone extremely anxious.
Besides, to our socialist opposition, if ATF has to make gun violence worse and lie about it in order to finally "eliminate it," who gives a rat's ass? You're not IN FAVOR OF violence, are you, comrade?
The next strong breeze could uproot the Liberty Tree.