Thursday, February 17, 2011

Headed to the doctor today

to discuss among other things a generic equivalent of the heart medicine that Blue Cross/Blue Shield has decided that they no longer wish to cover and thus that I cannot afford. After that I'm headed to the wound doc to inspect the slow progress -- but it IS progress -- on my foot. I tell you these pedestrian details as a warning that my posting will be slow today, and likely late when I get back in the saddle. Be sure and go to David Codrea's Examiner column and War on Guns blog for the latest on the Project Gunwalker scandal.



Scott J said...

I pray the Lord guides your doctors to preserve and improve your health.

We need you here a bit longer before He calls you home.

Erkl Holder said...

no need to print this but good luck. BTW - my cardiac, BP and diuretic meds all come in generic, so your doc should be able to fix you up;

cranky_yankee said...

But, But, don't you have Obummer healthcare, oh wait a minute, I forgot that's just another tax scam.

Shop around, as much as I don't endorse Wally World, they do have good generic prices.

Best wishes.

Bad Cyborg said...

What heart drug are you on, Mike. I have been on several and have a bit of knowledge about generic equivalents. Also, remember that some Docs are somewhat les than completely objective on the subject of branded versus generic meds. The legal pushers have deals going that very nearly approach payola with some physicians. You have my email. let me know. Also, as long as your pharmacy carries A rated generics, you can be reasonably confident that they will act in your old body like the branded (and MUCH more expensive) versions.

You can also tell if generics are potentially available if the next generation of a drug is on the market - i.e. Prilosec and Nexium, Claritin and Clarinex etc. Usually these are essentially the same chemical with enough difference at the molecular level to make them patentable but still behave the same in the body.

Warthog said...

Get well soon Mike

Anonymous said...

Good Luck and God Speed,
Your work makes me proud that we are Americans. I hope everything goes well for you.

fgd-anchorage said...

God speed.