Monday, February 21, 2011

Pete at WRSA asks us to "Confront the SEIU 'thugswarm.'" Sounds like a great idea to me.

Atlanta Tea Party - Facing The SEIU - State Capitol, 23 February, 4 PM Local

Members of the various Tea Party, 9/12, and other freedom-oriented folks in the Atlanta area will be assembling in the vicinity of Georgia State Capitol this coming Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm. We'll be providing balance to the ravings of the passengers aboard the SEIU Thugbus, which is scheduled to vomit forth its stooges at that same place and time.

Here's the Thugbus' schedule for other spots around the country.

If anybody from the Birmingham area is going to this event, would you kindly let me know?

SEIU trespassers on banker's lawn, frightening his kid home alone inside (ironically the banker is a dyed-in-the-wool-Democrat).


Allen said...

hmm nothing in new hampshire...

did we scare 'em off???

The Packetman said...

Wish they'd come demonstrate on my lawn ...

Anonymous said...

Can I pretend to be a Big Banker(tm) for a day?

Maybe give the Purple People Beaters a "warm" reception when they protest on my lawn?


Crying shame. The Purple People Beaters aren't planning to stop within 500 miles of my AO.

Anonymous said...

I see one Commie had a sign stating "Reclaim Our Democracy". Guess he doesn't understand we are a republic not a democracy.

That sign holder must be a History teacher.


Mark Matis said...

And of course the filthy maggot DC pigs ESCORTED the SEIU swill there. May they rot in hell for what they have done to this country!

Anonymous said...

If those SEIU thugs (or any other left-wing thugs) ever showed up to protest on my lawn, I'll bet I could shoot at least 150 of them before they even knew what hit them!

To be fair, though, I would first give them a verbal warning to get off my lawn, then I would fire a warning shot into the air. If they didn't comply, then it would be open season. They would obviously want me to feel threatened; they need to find out I don't take kindly to threats to my physical safety.


Anonymous said...

Now the Indiana Democrats have ran off.

Interesting times ahead

Rebellious Pagan Knight said...

Mark Matis

That is why if they were to show up on my lawn, with police protection, I would call the sheriff to enforce trespass laws.

If that didn't work, I wouldn't show myself. I'd simply open fire through the non-bullet proof portions of my homes walls.

YAHOO - You always have other options, as our host likes to say.