Thursday, February 24, 2011

A short, if exasperated, message to the Drudge Report:

Just sent them this:


Who's paying you?


Mark Matis said...

It would seem that Drudge is owned in the same way that Fox is owned. Which is the same way that ABCNNBCBS and their dead-tree fellow travelers are owned. Yeah, the Ownership MAY be different, but the results are the same. Like the New York Times motto:
"All the news that fits our views!"

Anonymous said...

Took him off my read list for the morning. He's been useless for a while. Surprised about Beck (glenn) and will probably remove him as well.

Anonymous said...

As of today, Google shows 46,800 results for "gunwalker scandal".

The shroud of secrecy has fallen and Senator Grassley will soon have the ATF hierarchy onstage for the full Monty.

Expect the proceedings to be, ahem..."covered" by Drudge. ;^)


Carl Bussjaeger said...

Here's what I sent Drudge:

Hey, if there's a rumor that Avila was giving Newell blowjobs while cross-dressing in a little blue number, will you finally cover Gunwalker? I mean clearly, corruption, incompetence, broken laws, broken international treaties, bribery, and murder doesn't ring your chimes.

C'mon, bub. You've been scooped by a blogger, a firearms columnist, Fox, AND CBS.


Carl Bussjaeger

Mile 66 said...

Just found out that Drudge's last time he mentioned ATF, BATF or BATFE in his report was back in December 2008. Pretty quiet.

Anonymous said...

Matt Drudge has definately slid in recent years/months. He has spurts of good news coverage that can't be found elsewhere, but it's become just a regurgitation via link to lib news I can easily find elsewhere. Besides that, he has the ever annoying and all too frequent auto-refresh making it difficult to read for those of us with speed challenged connections.

So, does it really matter if Drudge won't get on board? Thanks to Mike and David, word is getting out...

Bob Katt

Chuck Martel said...

I don't know that I would have called him a sh*th**d. That's probably not the best way to win friends and influence people.

cranky_yankee said...

Fox-news was reporting on a major raid in Texas today, the reporter, former ? Lib. CNN's John Roberts was detailing the raids.

Such and such, so and so and conveniently ended the report with " And 8 assaults weapons with the serial numbers ground off were heading to Mexican drug gangs".
At that point it was clear that Fox is running interference, hardly a surprise, as far as Drudge, that's been useless for about 5 yrs. now.

While I commend Mike V. and Dave C. for the great and patriotic work, this story will sadly disappear. When Fox-news, the network of choice for the so-called conservative movement refuses to touch it, it's over.

Senator Grassley will be told to stand down and will sadly comply and the story will become untouchable on Capitol hill.
The ATF whistle blowers will become known and that problem will be dealt with.

If the news media did the job of informing the American people honestly, would we be in the current mess we are in now ?, I think not.

I hope I'm wrong.
Regardless, hat's off to Mike and Dave. Keep up the Good fight.

If I seem cynical, watching the state of our country for the past 20 years has had that effect.