Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well, duh. "FBI: Friendly fire ruled out in Tucson border agent's slaying." Also, 3 suspects freed. Did ATF walked gun kill Terry all by itself?

Well, Senator, after two months investigating the Brian Terry murder I can tell you we've made about this much progress. Of course, if you ask me specific questions under oath, I'll have to plead the Fifth.

My thanks to Hugh H. for this link.

Friendly fire was not a factor in the killing of a Border Patrol agent during a shootout in December in a canyon near Nogales, the FBI says.

The FBI's statement puts to rest speculation about the Dec. 14, gunfight tin which agent Brian Terry was slain.

"There is no evidence of that all," FBI spokesman Manuel Johnson said Tuesday.

He couldn't comment on the rest of the investigation, which remains ongoing.

Two months into this and they can't comment. And the press ain't particularly interested. Yet. They will be. Trust me. They WILL BE.

LATER: Hugh Holub writing in the Tucson Citizen points out:

This does not answer the question raised by US Senator Charles Grassley who has alleged 2 guns were found at the scene of Agent Terry’s murder that were bought in a Glendale gun shop and slipped to the border bandits under the nose of ATF agents under Project Gunrunner.

OK FBI…whose gun fired the shot that killed Agent Terry?

And where did the gun come from?

Certainly you know this by now FBI…. why isn’t your agency providing that additional information?

Is Grassley’s claim true?


"Agent Terry's murder: 3 suspects arrested will not be charged." Steve Nuñez reports from KGUN Channel 9:

Nine On Your Side has learned three of the four suspects arrested in the shootout that killed U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry will not be charged with his murder. In fact, all three suspects could be freed and deported sometime this week.

The FBI suspected bandits shot and killed Terry on the night of December 14th. Agents immediately arrested four suspects. But two weeks after Terry's killing, KGUN9 News learned the FBI had yet to charge them with murder.

The Federal Public Defender's office and private defense Attorney Leslie Bowman then sounded off by telling Nine On Your Side if the FBI had evidence it would have pinned murder charges on all four suspects.

"They rarely wait," said Bowman at the time. "They generally charge it from the beginning of the case."

On January 5th, the U.S. Marshal's in Tucson then reported a total of six suspects had been arrested in Terry's murder probe.

But the FBI denied the claim and confirmed to KGUN9 News it only knew of four suspects.

Then on January 13th, the U.S. Attorney's office indicted the four suspects but only on immigration charges for illegal re-entry after deportation. The felony charge carries a prison sentence between six months to two years.

Now, exactly two months after Terry's murder, Nine On Your Side has learned through sources close to the case, three of the suspects will plead guilty to lesser misdemeanor charges and are expected to be released and deported within the next several days.

That leaves one suspect in custody. The Federal Public Defenders office tells Nine On Your Side its yet to receive any type of formal disclosure or word from the U.S. Attorney's office clearing its client of Terry's murder.

Therefore, as far as it knows, its client continues to only face illegal re-entry charges. This same suspect was gravely injured and had to be hospitalized after his arrest.

The Federal Public Defenders office also said it's unusual for the U.S. Attorney's office to take so long to charge a suspect with murder if it has forensic evidence.

So, I guess that the ATF "walked gun" just jumped up and killed CBP Agent Brian Terry all by itself? When is the mainstream press going to get tired of these serial lies?


Kent McManigal said...

Of course, "friendly fire" was never the allegation. That's a totally different critter than being killed with a gun, fired by your enemy, that was smuggled in (or allowed to be smuggled in) by YOUR agency.

Disclosure: I like smuggling. It's about the only free market left.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I don't know--if Agent Terry was killed with a gun trafficked with the approval of a U.S. federal government agency, I suppose it could, in a sense, be considered to be "friendly fire."

Mark Matis said...

Why anyone think those in the "mainstream press (are EVER) going to get tired of these serial lies?"

As long as the RIGHT people keep telling them, they CAN'T be lies to ABCNNBCBS or their dead-tree fellow travelers.

Unknown said...

I think the same gun was used to kill Presedent Kenndy sounds good to me Id believe this story just as well as the one they are putting out there

Anonymous said...

"The Federal Public Defenders office also said it's unusual for the U.S. Attorney's office to take so long to charge a suspect with murder if it has forensic evidence."

My guess is the reason he's not been charged is the "walked" weapon has been disappeared. No weapon....little forensic evidence. Can't have a weapon with a known serial number connected to Project Gunrunner turning out to be the weapon used in the murder.

Of other note: If two people commit a felony and in the commission of said felony, someone is killed (intentionally or not) BOTH people can be charged with murder....first degree if the original felony was planned in advance.

Now, why would 3 drug smugglers here illegally be let off of a murder charge considering the above? Only answer I can think of is removing the defendants so you can more easily sweep this agent's murder under the rug.

This stinks to high heaven and Agent Terry and his family are NOT getting justice.


Defender said...

The media are 85% socialist and almost certainly LIKE Project Gunwalker because it hastens the demise -- they think -- of the Second Amendment.
Odd, that ABC is complaining about the Obama administration moving toward Facebook, Twitter and other Internet media and denying Old Media access to press conferences and stuff. It's not like anyone in the MSM was playing hardball. But I guess things are GOING TO come up that they would have needed to question publicly. Nasty things.
And we all have to work together for change, you know.
I see that in some of those Middle East Religion of Peace countries, Parliament is calling for the deaths of opposition leaders. Pretty embarrassing. Makes you wonder why they allowed their state-run media to report it.
Well, over there, it's NOT embarrassing, just business as usual. And it's becoming the norm here.