Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Gunwalker Scandal items. Check them out. "The cost of doing nothing is ultimately a human one."

David Codrea writes: "Gun group calls for House investigation of ‘Project Gunwalker’"

Last night was the end of Round One. There is still a long fight ahead, and the opponent is crafty, tough, tireless and knows every dirty trick in the book. Please help those in the center ring who have risked so much just to get this bout scheduled.

Please use this briefing paper, get it to your representative, demand to know what he intends to do about it, and let him know if his answer is anything short of what is expected of a leader, you will make his evasion and equivocation on this matter of basic truth, justice and decency known at election time.

Tell him just like that.

And if you choose not to, rationalizing that someone else will carry the load, just remember we’ve already seen that the cost of doing nothing is ultimately a human one.

Rob Reed, Detroit Gun Rights Examiner, writes: "CBS News brings 'Project Gunrunner' scandal to the public."

Dave Workman writes: Bellevue v. Beltway: Gottlieb tells Holder ‘Investigate ATF or resign’

Washington State’s leading gun rights advocate wants heads to roll over the “Project Gunrunner” scandal, which was launched in 2009 ostensibly to curb the flow of American guns – some traced back to the Evergreen State – that are allegedly fueling the violent Mexican drug cartel war.

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Anonymous said...

Good Ol' Senator Enzi of Wyoming got his eloquent call and email today. We will see what good it does.

Spider Monkey