Sunday, February 20, 2011

David Codrea asks: "Is ‘Project Gunwalker’ reason for Traver hearing delay? "

All dressed up and no agency to rule.

David's Examiner column.

His Guns Magazine column on the same subject.


Bad Cyborg said...

The hearing delay MIGHT be because it all is about to be come moot. SCOTUS has agreed to "conference" on the lawsuit they declined to hear last month on Obama's qualifications to hold the office of POTUS. According to Plaintiff's attorney, the rules of the court should have required Sotomayor and Kagan to recuse themselves. Apparently they will HAVE to do so this time. If so, it will only require 3 Justices to get the appeal heard and 4 to make a decision.

If Obama is declared not to be qualified, potentially every bill signed, every order given and every appointment made would be de facto but not de jure and thus void.

That sounds like a recipe for ample civil unrest to trigger martial law and from there it would be a short step to jackboots steeping in it and triggering civil war.

You might want to google the question. The conference is scheduled for 4 March. I checked the schedule and it was there this afternoon.

Fortunately there is still time for my Appleseed weekend on 16&17 April to get training on my shiny new FNAR. The shit is gonna hit the fan pretty soon, boys and girls.

Bad Cyborg X

Dedicated_Dad said...




PS: Bad Cyborg: Hollister v. Soetoro is scheduled for conference on March 4. It will likely not be heard, or in the (infinitessimally small) chance it is, will confirm him as eligible.

The consequences of him being found ineligible are pretty obvious - and there's just no way in hell SCOTUS will issue a decision they *KNOW* will result in mass unrest and possibly civil war -- not to mention the invalidation of every damn thing the usurper has done since his coronation.

It just isn't going to happen!

Sorry - but the Constitution means nothing to the majority of folks, and when forced to choose between the Constitution and domestic tranquility?

IT will be no contest -- but We The People, The Constitution and the rule of law will still lose.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered the news tips box on Drudge this AM. Asked if they were to chicken to cover proj Gunwalker..

Will continue to do so until he does.


Anonymous said...

Drudge is chicken alright, I've sent every post and update since it started, thought he would do better.

Bad Cyborg said...

And people call ME a pessimist. The fact that HvS is going to conference is a good sign. BTW, it is pretty much assurred that Sotomayor and Kagan will not participate. So only 3 justices will need stones for it to be heard. If it IS heard, Sotomayor and Kagan will again not participate and only 4 votes will be required.

Actually, SCOTUS will not really have to decide the eligibility issue. Appellate courts do not decide issues of fact, only of law. The plaintiff is only asking the lower court actually HEAR the evidence as opposed to dismissing the case out of hand.

Wouldn't it be neat if the "birthers" are proven right after all?

But at the very least we well find out if ANYONE in the government still believes in the rule of law. If the answer is "NO" then I would consider the Republic to be FUBAR and in need of replacement.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Granny said he was born there and so did the paper;
Don't understand why 7 robed dictators are better than 9 when the 9 can't read plain English.