Monday, February 28, 2011

Another country heard from. A voodoo sex ceremony safety tip.

Sometimes practitioners get answers to their prayers or perceived mystic response to their desires. They often see in those eventualities the hands of Voodoo. Such adherents would usually offer some form of material or immaterial gifts to Voodoo as a token of appreciation.

These days some Priests of Voodoo Lodges insist that these gifts be something to eat or drink, such as a chicken or some alcohol. Yet, it is immediately seen that such priests ask for those edible things for their own bellies and not for the benefit of the Voodoo. In the purer form of the philosophy, any token of appreciation is acceptable to Voodoo as the owner of life has no needs to be feed or festooned by humanity. -- "Voodoo as a Spiritual Force," Rasta Livewire: Rastafarian Views on Life, Politics and Social Issues

Except, apparently, sex.

Let's be mindin' where you put de candles, Rasta mon.


pdxr13 said...

And then there is US Rep. Wu (woo), who claims to "be in a better place" but has not apologized to the alcoholic Furry community for his mis-behavior and attracting bad publicity for dressing up in plush mascot costumes for some semi-anonymous intoxicated party sex.

Crazy occurs everywhere, esp. among elected Demoncrats. The first rule of "Furry Fun" is not to get caught.

Don't worry, he's already registered as the Democratic Party candidate (incumbent) for Nov 2012. It's a 90% sure-bet for re-election.


Dedicated_Dad said...

HITH did a yiff end up in 'da HOR??!!


Speaking of scary, I'll refrain from pointing out where I thought 'da "Rasta mon" might have been putting his candles...

Oh, - that, and the fact that I don't think voodoo and Rastafarianism have much in common...

ParaPacem said...

"I fell into a burning ring of fire;
I went down, down, down and the flames got higher..."
Johnny Cash

fgd-anchorage said...

..hope people will learn from this..


Longbow said...

Quote:"This shows the absolute, complete ignorance of this man about the law and the Constitution..."

I beg to differ. It shows an utter disregard for the Law and Constitution (the Constitution is the law). It teaches the lesson that when push comes to shove, those who have a vested interest in State power will choose it over ANYTHING else.

The sad truth is that most, yes I said MOST career cops will prefer to put you in jail because they can, and because it is convenient for them, rather than to uphold their OATH to defend your Freedom and Constitutionally Secured Natural Rights.

When it comes time to start putting people in boxcars, Jonny Law and Officer Friendly will shrug their shoulders, say Okee Dokee, and do exactly what they have been told to do. In the next breath, they'll turn and say something soothing like, "I believe in the Second Amendment, but...."