Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lions! And Tigers! And bears! Oh, my! San Francisco police seize artillery piece. Or so they say.

San Francisco police on foot patrol.

San Francisco Police Call Norinco SKS a “Cannon of a Rifle.”


Anonymous said...

It's San Fran. Shouldn't the Tin Man be wearing the dress instead of Dorthy in that picture?

ParaPacem said...

Slobyskya Rotchikokov says:

February 16, 2011 at 9:10 AM
San Francisco gun laws state that unless a weapon has a barrel short enough for the police officer on duty to deep-throat, the barrel length is illegal and must be fitted with a threaded dildo device to render it suitable for personal carry under the Barney Frank / Arnhole Scwarzenfooger ‘Educational Toy” exception/

Anonymous said...

There is a "logical" explanation for this misunderstanding.

Cops arrest suspect, who hands over a small bag of weed.

Cops discover SKS rifle, which is a Yugo, complete with grenade launcher sights.

Cops evaluate contents of bag by smoking some of it.

Under the influence of marijuana, they conclude that the grenade launcher sights are designed for indirect, rather than sighted fire.

Howitzers and cannons use indirect fire. Therefore, if a weapon uses indirect fire it must be a cannon.


Let's hope the SF police do not confuse the Yugo vehicle with the Yugo rifle or the former will be designated a self-propelled howitzer. ;^)


Defender said...

I am greatly encouraged that people continue to violate stupid and autocratic laws. Sorry he got caught.

Anonymous said...

Was it the SF Fashion Police that seized this artillery piece?


Anonymous said...

If they consider an SKS a cannon, I guess they'd equate my Garand to tactical nuke.

Anonymous said...

"If they consider an SKS a cannon, I guess they'd equate my Garand to tactical nuke."

Yes, with 8 nukes, more if you have a bandoleer.

Oh, and they stroke out if its the evil, black-tip, armor-piercing tactical nuke. Let's not tell them about silver-tip, shall we?

Anonymous said...

If they think the SKS is a cannon, I'd LOVE to hear their comments about the M-N or Kalashnikov in 7.62x54R. A regular howitzer! BOOM!!

B Woodman

Confused Hunter said...

If a Garand is a tactical nuke, WTF are my 4-Bore and .700? BATFE says they are "suitable for sporting purposes", ya know? Been used for sporting purposes too...

Happy D said...

San Francisco cops.
Yep just as girlishly cowardly as you thought they might be.

4-Bore and .700? doomsday device perhaps?

Don't go telling them about punt guns. I don't think their little hearts could take it.

Or hand mortars, muskets, and so on...