Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shocker: ATF agent says the Dealer in the Gunwalker Scandal WAS A PAID CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT! "Gunrunner TWO?"

No wonder he has been reluctant to go on the record with the press. From

1DesertRat writes:

This really sickens me to see Gillett getting rewarded for a history of misconduct and incompetence. It also appears he has not taken any heat on approving the Tucson version of phoenix's "Gun Walker" in Tucson called linebacker or wide receiver (something like that)where he and Newell approved "walking" several hundred assault rifles to Mexico. Also, get this ......he approved the signing (and paying) of the FFL dealer as a CI, paid him as a CI and allowed him to profit from the illegal straw purchases ATF directed him to do.....what a deal! What do you think would be happening right now if one of those guns were linked to the Tucson shooting of Rep Gifford? How about it Senator Grassley.....are these ATF supervisors really the "untouchables"? Retaliation by ATF management is a way of life in ATF. Why......because all know management is corrupt and will pull out all stops to protect one another and NOTHING ever happens!

Agent Jumper then responds:

The best part of this post (if you enjoy hypocrisy) is that The Retaliator (Gillett) actually tried to terminate two of the smartest and most productive agents in Phoenix for what he personally deemed to be mismanagement of government funds in the payment of an informant. The Retaliators ruling was overturned by higher ups based on their conclusions that Gillett didn't know what he was talking about but its still pretty funny. Wait till the press gets ahold of Gunrunner II, the Tucson Experiment. Can you imagine the pucker factor Newell and Gillett experience every time a shooting takes place involving a 7.62 round? Give them some coal and turn both of them into a diamond factory.


Anonymous said...

Do I understand this correctly?

The ATF bribed (paid as a CI, same result) the FFL dealer to make questionable sales?

Then the same agency turns around, and wants dealers to do more reporting on buyers - because questionable sales go through.

Sounds corrupt to the core.

Anonymous said...

Who amongst those agents will be a real 'Oathkeeper' and arrest those domestic enemies within the BATFE?

Unknown said...

Larry Pratt sneaks it in on Fox and they are not having it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know much but it seems to me that if these people are willing to violate the Constitution of the United States and the bill of rights, as if they don't exist at all, that might be a clue that somebody was a little but less that honest and straightforward. Corrupt in other words.

The cool thing for them is that evidently, there is enough corruption to go around. So much so, it would appear, that no one wants to find it, or report it.

The American public is being "MANAGED" and are paying their "managers" quite well for their abuses.

Anonymous said...

Gunwalker now on the front page of FoxNews

Ed_in_Sac said...

It saddens me to see what passes for acceptable politics in 2011. Without people like those who spoke out against the ATF we would be totally in the dark about this story of law enforcement gone wrong. Even before this story came to light I suspected that the Obama administration would try to find a reason to justify a international arms treaty which would strip US citizens of their 2a rights. Possibly this whole thing is part of that plan? Is the national news media complicit?

homobangbangamus said...

It's one thing for them (FOX) to put it on their main page and quite another to report it over their network. We will see but to be honest, I think this is their way of burying the story, so that they can say that they did report it.

They are being very careful with a VERIFIED story, and that is cause for concern, considering what they purport to represent. Not to mention straying from their past methods and practices.