Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"How's that gunless revolution thing working out for you?

Kurt Hofmann responds to this citizen disarmament wanker in Forbes. Too bad I don't have time right now to respond myself.


Mark Matis said...

Did you catch this:
The One and his toadies have cut a deal with the Canadians to use their troops in case of "civil emergency" in this country, and vice versa. Hope they're ready for their brothers and fathers to come home in body bags.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ungar seems to be jumping the gun by quite a large margin. The Egyptian people are NOT in control. The military is. They have not had ANY elections and they won't for what, 6 months? Will those elections be a real mandate by the people or will they simply be typical 3rd world democracies where a strong man is propped up via counterfeit elections? That all remains to be seen.

Further, the majority of people in Egypt do not want "democracy" as we think of it. Sure, they want to elect their leaders....but they don't want civil rights for those accused of crimes, nor do they want equal rights for women, gays and non-muslims. They want sharia law. They are replacing a secular dictator for the yoke of tyranny of the socio-political-religious structure of Islam. Few here in America would call that freedom.

Has it been a "peaceful" revolution so far?.....not to the 400+ people who've been killed. What exactly is Mr. Ungar's definition of "peaceful"?....I doubt it coincides with a dictionary's with 400 dead. Is it a bloody civil war? No. But a "revolution" on American soil wouldn't have to be all that bloody either....if the right 400 people were targeted.


Brent Crude said...


Link to a story about a mass public stabbing spree on a Spanish resort island:

Luckily no one got shot ;-)

I'll refrain from speculating on what the knife wielder's religion might be.

Walter Zoomie said...

The "peaceful" gang-sexual assault of the female TV reporter seems to have been conveniently forgotten...

fgd-anchorage said...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then we win." M. Gandhi (google)

Well, we are at the "laugh at" stage. It appears from reports of lefty rhetoric that the "attack" stage is imminent.

Invest in lead.