Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paul Helmke's deadly hypocrisy."The Brady Campaign to Ignore the Project Gunwalker Scandal." Pay no attention to the ugly reality behind the curtain!

"Major Strasser has been shot! . . . Round up the usual suspects."

Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that one does not actually have. Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie. Hypocrisy is not simply failing to practice those virtues that one preaches. . . (A)n alcoholic's advocating temperance, for example, would not be considered an act of hypocrisy so long as the alcoholic made no pretense of constant sobriety. -- Wikipedia.

David Codrea brings our attention to a predictable hypocrisy by his headline: "Anti-gun groups silent on ‘Project Gunwalker.’" In his Examiner article, David rightly deconstructs the Brady Bunch's Dennis Hennigan as he declaims by loud silence: "Pay no attention to the ugly reality behind the curtain!"

Since 2006, 14 U.S. Custom and Border Patrol Agents have been killed, most recently Brian Terry, fatally wounded in December of last year with an AK-47. There is little doubt that more courageous federal officers will be struck down, with assault rifles trafficked from American gun shops. Perhaps the NRA bosses, and the House members they control, can explain to the families of the slain federal agents, and to those of the Mexican citizens who have lost their lives to drug cartel gunfire, the wisdom of depriving ATF of an important tool against gun trafficking. But please spare us the phony talk about the need to "enforce the laws on the books."

"Phony talk" indeed. If there's any explaining to do to "the families of the slain federal agents," it needs to come from the ATF, Eric Holder and the ideological supporters of citizen disarmament who seek to shield them from responsibility and retribution -- first and foremost among these last is the Brady Bunch.

David for one is having none of it:

Is it not in the interest of furthering the Brady’s purported goals to establish the truth in this? At least the ones they're willing to publicly disclose?

If not, Mr. Henigan, “please spare us the phony talk about the need to” give a Bureau that is so obviously broken even more power and authority before finding out exactly what’s wrong with it and fixing it. And “please spare us the phony talk about” how imposing even more restrictions on Americans who are already obeying “the laws on the books” is just the ticket for curing Mexico’s narcoterrorism woes.

Now Mr. Henigan surely knows, as does his boss Paul Helmke, the awful details revealed so far in the Project Gunwalker scandal. How could he not? Helmke is on my personal email list. Every time I have a Sipsey Street post about any ATF scandal -- especially Project Gunwalker -- he gets a copy in his in-box. Just as this Saturday morning he will be copied on this. (Hi, Paulie! Wanna come out and play?) And I never get a bounce-back. He must read each one, each new revelation, with all the horrified fascination of someone watching a slow-motion car wreck involving his children -- aghast, but unable to look away.

19 April 2010: Gravelly Point Park, Virginia. Paul Helmke and me in happier days. (Well, from the looks on our faces, at least I was happy. The headlines haven't been going in his direction these past few years.)

Yet as well informed as Helmke is, he has made no mention of the Project Gunwalker scandal. One would think from such studious ignorance that perhaps he will next change the name of his organization to "The Brady Campaign to Ignore the Project Gunwalker Scandal."

Knowing the real source of the weapon that killed Brian Terry, has he demanded the truth? No. He has continued to pimp a deliberate fiction. Thus does he spit on Brian Terry's grave.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, killed with a rifle that the ATF deliberately let "walk." Paul Helmke doesn't give a tinker's damn about the truth of his death, or he would be doing something about it.

Knowing that these weapons have surely killed many innocent Mexicans, has Helmke sought congressional investigation and intervention? No. What's a few more dead nameless, faceless Mexicans when you've got a lying meme to push?

More dead Mexicans. Paul Helmke cries crocodile tears over them too.

By his silence on Gunwalker, Helmke is declaiming: "Major Strasser has been shot! . . . Round up the usual suspects."

The usual suspects of course being American gun stores, gun shows and the armed citizenry.

Paul Helmke, by his repeated insistence upon ever more power and resources for the ATF in the advancement of his own citizen disarmament agenda, which has now shown itself to have all the moral rectitude and trustworthiness of a fireman caught setting deadly fires, has lashed himself and his organization to the wheel of that criminally-run agency's ship of fortunes.

When that ship sinks, Helmke's agenda drowns with it just as surely as a frantic rat that can't make it to a bit of flotsam.

And do you know what I say?

"Torpedo . . . Los!"


WarriorClass said...

Direct hit! Keep loading though, several more targets approaching...


Keith said...

Those with integrity and guts, pull the plug / blow the whistle / let in the daylight (whatever metaphor you like) on dishonesty.

Time is running out for Paul and his campaign.

I'm in Ireland, and a spectator of the ongoing train crash and destruction of the Roman Catholic Church here, after years of covering up wrongdoing (mostly child abuse in the case of the church) within its institutions.

Sure, what institution doesn't want to hide criminal misdeeds of its staff and friends? The school covering for an incompetent teacher or five, the cops in County Donegal covering for the stitch up of an innocent man for murder, and manufacturing their own terrorist explosives to find...

A person with integrity stands up and takes whatever risks there may be in telling the truth.

The institution bound coward keeps trying to hide the truth, until there's so much of it, it finds its own way out, then his institutional and his own integrity are destroyed for ever.

BATFE agents have taken the risks to bring this out, Mike, David and Len have taken at least equal risks in helping them. They've taken the big risks out of it Paul.

What's the bigger risk for you and the Brady campaign now?

ps, Mike, I'm no expert on this, Apart from at funerals, the only dead folk I've seen were in traffic accidents and their skin went pale blue within minutes, the hands in the photo are rosie pink...

Happy D said...

They do not fear notice of their hypocracy and lies. The drive by media will provide cover after all.

They do fear punishment and possibly trial for their treason and crimes against fellow citizens.That is why they work so hard to spread these lies. They fear the executioner’s final justice that they have so thoroughly earned.
The punishment they deserve is what they fear the most. For it will be truly horrendous when delivered in this life or the next.

Anonymous said...

What will happen if their narrative ends up being the successful one?