Saturday, February 26, 2011

America as a Free Fire Zone :: A Critical Examination of Gun Culture Rationalizations

Another collectivist intellectual justification for citizen disarmament.

My reply to the puke:

I was once asked by an advocate of citizen disarmament what I thought of "gun control," and then, as I framed my answer, he added, "Give me the short answer."

"Okay," I answered, "if you try to take our firearms we will kill you."

I used to argue history, facts and common sense with such as you, but gave it up as a bad job.

It boils down to that: "If you try to take our firearms (liberty, property, insert any other God-given, inalienable right), we will kill you."

Making a "public safety" argument by appealing to a "solution" that would ignite a bloody civil war which would stack up bodies by the hundreds of thousands if not millions is, well, stupid beyond belief.

Not only that, but your side would lose. Did I mention that it is our side who has the firearms and knows how to shoot? And that it is our sons and daughters who make up the majority of the combat arms portions of the military?

Not that this will make a dent, but I thought it only polite to warn you that one should be careful for what one wishes for, lest you get it.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters


W W Woodward said...


I'm with you on this. Attempting to press a logical debate with the Collectivist progressives is in direct contradiction to D.E. Woodward's rule: "Never argue with a man who already has his mind made up. You will succeed only in wasting your time and pissing him off."

Probably the best advice my father ever gave me, some 50 years ago.

Skip the debate, just go straight to pissing them off. They will not be convinced anyway, and you won't be losing a friend.


Gaviota said...

Good God. Talk about sophistry. Ernest Partridge excels at making a point and then immediately demolishing the logical basis of his thesis with his own specious logic.

For example:

"Where do we draw the line?" Quite simply, we "draw the line" where, in our collective and considered wisdom, we choose to "draw the line." Simple as that.

And then he spends thousands of words complaining about where WE, the gun-owning citizens of the United States, in our collective wisdom, HAVE DRAWN the line!

As usual, he trots out all the usual cost/benefit analyses without factoring in any of the benefits.

Walter Zoomie said...

Yes. Freedom is a scary thing. What a pussy.

WarriorClass said...

Well said, Mike. In fact, I just got back from the range with my 18 year old daughter, after teaching her the fine points of trigger control. She did very well. I gave her a Bushmaster 5.56 with a Trijicon ACOG. I pity the fool that tries to take it from her.


Rebellious Pagan Knight said...

If you want to have the debate, you can always point out that the collectivists refuse to compare apples to apples.

He states that the US has 30K "gun deaths" versus the UK at 39 "gun homicides."

Deaths and Homicides are not equal. Second, the population of the US is much larger than that of the UK.

Finally, if you can't get the collectivists to admit any of that, call them names until they try to punch you. Then inhume the asshole.

pdxr13 said...

The Short Version Reply is much more easily considered.

Am I getting some undergraduate Philosophy of Collectivism 231 credit for reading that justification for herding, searching, rape, murder, theft, etc.? That should get me *this* much closer to a degree in Red-Controlled Union Management.

A few hours cleaning and re-loading with Bob & Bob on the radio helps to recover from this bilge liquid.


Anonymous said...

While it was probably a waste of a few seconds of my life to type this out, here was my response to Partridge.

That was a rather interesting article. Here's a suggestion for a future article... -A critical examination of why the Founders wrote the 2nd Amendment as they did.

The Spirit of '76 said...

Mike, you've come to the same conclusion I reached several years ago.

Regarding the Bolshevik Left:

We can no longer talk to them.
We can no longer bargain with them.
We can no longer negotiate with them.
We can no longer tolerate them.

And it's obvious to us they will no longer suffer our presence.

As neither of us will likely stand down, the only option available may be to shoot.

May the LORD God Almighty have mercy on our souls.

The Spirit of '76

DC Wright said...

This is MY response to him:

Ernie, there are just a couple things that you don't seem to consider, which may significantly impact your future drivel...

First, as the Founders made quite clear in our original Founding Document, the Declaration of Independence, our RIGHTS are not bestowed by a benevolent GOVERNMENT, which can take away whatever it might deign to grant, but by a merciful Creator. Thus, the sole legitimate function of government is to protect the EQUAL rights of ALL its citizens. Self defense is a God-given (or natural) right of ALL, period. It is NOT subject to any form of prior restraint by government, just as with speech. In fact, the sole legitimate control LOCAL government may exercise is to prescribe when and where one may properly discharge a weapon in a NON-emergency situation.

Secondly, my RIGHTS are not subject to a vote of, or any encroachment by, ANYONE. This is an absolute. I request and REQUIRE only that you and any other whiney, pant-wetting control freaks leave me alone to exercise my God-given rights. That's all you need to do, and in return, I'll leave you to the exercise (or non-exercise) of YOUR rights. (Bear in mind that if your exercise of something requires that I either pay for it in any way or give up something of mine, it's NOT a right and you don't get to use force to make me comply. Self-defense includes defense against such aggressive acts as that.)

Finally, bear in mind that I (and other like-minded folks) am well-versed in the use of arms, and WILL respond very negatively to jackasses who want to render me defenseless to predators, including a predatory government, just as our Founding Fathers did. Do I make myself sufficiently clear?

Anonymous said...

Another name on my list.

Anonymous said...

Somebody might want to explain to this poor schmuck that while we love and value the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment in particular, it is not the source of our rights. The right to defend your life, liberty and property are natural rights. They are "God-given" and irrevokable. They can't be taken and they certainly won't be debated away.

aughtsix said...

There can be no peaceful accommodation or compromise with the collectivists/progressives.

We have abundant evidence for where the history of that approach has gotten us.

They will not accommodate us and we must compromise no more.

That leaves little room for doubt as to the remaining options.

A house divided cannot stand.


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
"Short" and "Sweet!!" and to the point!! Nuff' said.

Never mind the milk,
"Got Guns!"
and while yer' at it, don't forget ta' get a box or two of Ammo.
Also, don't forget the 4 boxes of Liberty;
1. the Soap Box,
2. The Ballot Box,
3. The Jury Box, ..and
4. The "AMMO" Box!!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL, good reply. I was so tempted to do a point by point, but there were just too many.

The main idea that came through, towards the end: "History also indicates solutions. Let the law (i.e. government) enforce upon all . . ."

I don't think so.


300 Wisper - just say no to crack.

otterhauser said...

Strange, but these "philosophy professors" never seem to tell us how many black/Mexican gangs there are in Finland, Germany or Austria. Nor do they concentrate on the number of murders committed by law abiding gun owners--damned few. But you're right, pointing out facts to these people is, well, pointless.

Mark Matis said...

For otterhouser:
Is VERBOTEN to even mention demographics. One will be called racist pond scum and one will be PROSECUTED for HATE CRIMES. And DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT discussing the fine government institutions in cities and such where those demographics are the majority.

Pat H. said...

Earnest Partridge? I'm sure that's his real name. Say, wasn't another similar article written by an Earnest "something or other" recently? Seems to me I remember one within the last two weeks.

It was bunk too.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I'm totally in agreement with you (as usual)!

I tell the lefties I know that they should tone down their rhetoric, such as the way their union thugs are trying to scare the taxpayers into continuing to fund the thugs. I tell those lefties that when they "jump the shark" and start the shooting they'll be surprised to find they are out-gunned and out-male-appendaged!


Brandon Gray said...

all leftist idiots are very light on specifics. read anything they write, and there is never a clear answer regarding "what should be done." just some ambiguous statement about how the state will be necessary to coerce the masses into seeing the light. at some level, leftist idiots must be ashamed of what they believe. how else to explain their consistent inability to ever suggest concrete solutions to any problem? of course, we do know the ultimate solution of every leftist idiot - FORCE.