Monday, February 14, 2011

What Haley Barbour Didn't Tell Fox News: He Lobbied For Mexico On “Amnesty”

From Time Magazine's Swampland.


Bad Cyborg said...

Sorry, Dutchman, but I don't see Barbour lobbying for amnesty being any sort of negative with the left. I see the lame stream media touting him as having lobbied for amnesty but doubt they would even mention WHO he actually lobbied for.

Of course they will be pulling out all stops to get Obama re-elected assuming they find a way to finesse the citizenship issue.

Bad Cyborg X

Dennis308 said...

I wasn't going to vote for Barbour anyway. But I'm glad to see that now I have even more reason not to.


Anonymous said...

Bad Cyborg....
Unless I misunderstood....Barbour is going to be trying to win the GOP nomination....not the Democratic one.

Regardless, this is typical dead elephant party politics....pretend you're conservative, and then offer up amnesty.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for giving illegal aliens amnesty, just like we often offer mass amnesty to tax evaders.

Here's how it would work:
You confess to illegally invading our country. We help you end your ongoing criminal act by giving you a free bus ride home. Then as part of the amnesty we allow you to get in line for lawful immigration, right behind those who already applied for immigration visas.

What the leftists are pushing as 'amnesty' is actually something quite different.

Anonymous said...

From Wiki:

"Before being elected Governor, Barbour worked as a lawyer and lobbyist, was an unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Senate and also served as chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1993 to 1997..."

Just another Woolly Mammoth fossil from the dying elephant party.