Sunday, February 20, 2011

This just in: The Washington Post is still dead, and, on a somewhat lighter note, the AZ Republic is still clueless. "Nobody died at the Watergate."

Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer scans the Sunday Post front page: Good, good. Again nothing about Gunwalker. Grimaldi must still be passed out on that vodka I sent him.

This just in: The Washington Post is still dead to the Project Gunwalker scandal. The Post's investigative journalism of the Watergate scandal now seems so distant from present reality that it must have occurred in an alternate universe.

Speaking of Watergate and how high this Project Gunwalker scandal extends up the Obama administration's food chain, a reporter who is actively working this story told me the other day, "I have sources who tell me this could be as big as Watergate."

To which I replied, "Nobody died at the Watergate."

Just a little something to keep in mind.

The Watergate still stands. The WaPo's reputation for investigative journalism sadly does not.

The Arizona Republic's Robert Anglen is not dead, it seems, but he could hardly be more clueless.

Studying the same documents that our ATF whistleblower so skillfully deconstructed in my post of 7 February, "Open Source Analysis of 'Fast & Furious' Bust Confirms It As An Integral Part of the Project Gunwalker Cover-up," Anglen can only muster up "Arizona has few rifle-sale limits: Law allows big purchases that feds say supply cartels."

Once again we have a reporter, this one who has been thrice-nominated for a Pulitzer, who feeds at the ATF's trough and regurgitates the meme upon request.

Still, on the theory that you can yet, with a two by four, guide the hog from the trough to the tasty truffles hidden in the forest, I wrote the following email to Anglen this morning:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sun, Feb 20, 2011 7:00 am
Subject: For a Pulitzer-nominated big dog investigative reporter, you sure missed the point with your latest story -- and in your own back yard(?).

If you want to be nominated for another Pulitzer, you're going to have to do better than than this story (link) which is only amazing for what it missed altogether.

Try reading this exchange of mail mostly from Senator Grassley on the Project Gunwalker scandal:

(Links omitted for reasons of space.)

Then, to discover how much you missed the point of the documents you cited, go to this Open Source Analysis by an ATF whistleblower of the Fast and Furious bust which can be found here: (Link.)

Then, check out Carter’s Country in Houston as an example of ATF requests to gun dealers:

(Links omitted for reasons of space.)

My own Summary, etc.:

(Links omitted for reasons of space.)

A reporter told me the other day, "I have sources who tell me this could be as big as Watergate." To which I replied, "Nobody died at the Watergate." So far in the Project Gunwalker scandal we have Brian Terry and who knows how many nameless, faceless dead Mexicans: (Link.)

And when they hand out the next Pulitzer for investigative journalism, won't YOU be kicking yourself in the ass for failing to get the point and cover the real story -- in your own back yard?

Mike Vanderboegh


J said...

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She asked the young woman, over the speaker system, if the price was still in effect, and the young woman said no. When my wife cancelled the order ( our money was VERY tight then ), the girl cursed her and called her a cheap whore. The others could be heard giggling.

I called the manager and the manager was out, so i wrote a heated letter to the national management team to let them know of the events. I received a reply. It stated that unfortunately, local Burger King restaurants were not bound by national price guidelines and were free to set their own prices. That was it.
Well, of course I went to the local place and raised hell, in person, creating a scene for all of the customers, but the fact that the national team ignored the abuse of my wife and merely made a snide comment about their pricing structure, makes me think that the inbred cretin who wrote that letter must have been the same one who wrote the article.
Or maybe they just had the same father and different mothers.

Bad Cyborg said...

There is a simple explanation for why the Washington Post - and pretty much a "real" journalists are ignoring Gunwalker.

While it is true that "Nobody died at the Watergate.", neither are any Republicans involved in Gunwalker. I am quite comfortable with the notion that, had a Democrat president been behind the break in at the Watergate Hotel, NOTHING would have been said. These people are utterly tied to the narrative. Nothing that in any way fails to jibe with the narrative.

Of course, if a Republican whose citizenship had been called into question as much as BHO has would have been elected, he would already be gone.

Anonymous said...

"[A] reporter who is actively working this story told me the other day, 'I have sources who tell me this could be as big as Watergate.'"

If Mike and David's investigative reporting succeed in toppling a corrupt US President, they deserve to be awarded a Pulitzer *and* the Medal of Freedom.

Good hunting, fellas! :^)


Mark Matis said...

No chance for a Pullitzer unless it's a REPUBLICAN US President (corrupt or otherwise) who gets toppled.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Have you been eavesdropping on my conversations?

I've made it my mission to tell anyone who will listen about this mess - and to drive it home, especially among those of our age and older, is "This is MUCH bigger than Watergate -- and nobody got KILLED in Watergate!!"

Spooky.. but ACCURATE!

Dedicated_Dad said...

"J" - or maybe they had the same parents, who were also siblings...

Bad Cyborg beat me to the "Watergate==Retardlican" point - which is obviously right on!

Further, as most are apparently not aware -- I assume from your comment that YOU are not, so I'll try to remedy that here:

The Democrats in CONgress (who, remember, controlled both houses in 11/08) actually had the unmitigated GALL to challenge Johnny Jet's eligibility to be POTUS.

Don't take my word for it -- LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF!

"See, he was born in Panama" they said "so there's a good chance he's not a 'Natural Born Citizen!"

Just to be sure we're all clear on the facts: Johnny Jet's Daddy was an Admiral in the Navy, and was stationed in Panama when Lil' Johnny was born. He had to produce PROOF - a DOCUMENT known as a "Long-Form Birth Certificate" - that he was born in a US hospital on a US base - otherwise (they alleged) he'd not qualify as a "Natural Born Citizen."

Just to reiterate:

John McCain, who was a ...
- former Navy pilot, and a
- former POW who spent 7 years in the Hanoi (Vietnam) Hilton, and the
- son of an ADULT Mother and a Navy-Admiral Father,
- both of whom were Natural Born Citizens themselves, and thus would,
- according to the law at the time, have automatically awarded him citizenship regardless of WHERE he was born,
...was forced by the Dems to produce HIS LONG-FORM BIRTH-CERTIFICATE as proof that he was born in a US hospital on a US base, before th Dems would agree that he was eligible to be a candidate for POTUS.

Even then, a significant number of Dems were unwilling to agree to his eligibility, but they are Patriots who were only doing their sworn duty to ensure that the Constitutional-qualifications of a potential President were properly fulfilled.


Dedicated_Dad said...


His eventual opponent, Barack Hussein Obama, who was...
- born in a place as yet unproven
- to a Kenyan Father, who was not even a RESIDENT of the US, and
- a Mother who was not old enough to automatically award him citizenship according to the law at the time unless he was actually born on US soil, and
- was later moved to Indonesia, and
- adopted by an Indonesian citizen, during a period when this would have required renunciation of any US citizenship he may have had, and
- was subsequently enrolled in school and registered as an Indonesian citizen,
... has not only refused to produce his long-form birth certificate - instead producing the same form his Indonesian half-sister (which everyone agrees was born in Indonesia) has produced (meaning it does not in any way prove citizenship, much less NATURAL BORN citizenship)!

Further, he has - by Presidential "Executive Order" - declared any and all documents related to his past to be sealed, and spent several MILLION dollars so far to block their admission into a number of Court proceedings challenging his eligibility!

Further, while in College he travelled to Pakistan at a time when he could not possibly have done so using a US passport - thus raising the question of whether he was using a Kenyan or Indonesian passportand he's ordered his passport records sealed as well!

And - just for good measure - he's also sealed his college records and all other school records, and other things as well.

So, again -- the decorated, POW, war-hero, son of an Admiral and his Citizen wife had to produce his long-form birth certificate to satisfy the Demmunists of his eligibility -- but the son of a Kenyan, out of a woman too young to give him citizenship, later adopted by an Indonesian, for whom we have documents claiming Indonesian citizenship and a confession indicating SOME citizenship other than US -- cannot be required to do the same.

Further, anyone who suggests he SHOULD do the same is a bigoted, mentally-ill racist, and deserves only mockery and derision.

Does that about cover it?

Oh, and lest we forget...

Hawaii's new "progressive" Governor - who's known Obama and his family since childhood - took it upon himself to "put an end to all his 'Birther' nonsense" and promised to personally FIND Dear Reader's Long-Form Birth Certificate and release the same.

He's since declared "it's not that simple" and thereafter refused to answer any questions about the matter whatsoever.

But remember: Only the bigoted, mentally ill racists would even question his eligibility anyway...

God help us -- and God Save Our Republic!