Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Federal "Gun Bust" going down in Lancaster TX area.

Lancaster is a city in both Dallas County and Ellis County, Texas (USA). As of the 2000 U.S. Census, the city population was 25,894 (though a 2007 estimate placed the city's population at 35,050). Lancaster and Cedar Hill are the only two cities in the Dallas metropolitan area that expand into Ellis County.

Lancaster is a suburb of Dallas, Texas and is part of the Best Southwest area, which includes Lancaster, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, and Duncanville. -- Wikipedia.

So says WFAA.

The Lancaster Police Department has teamed with federal agents in an ongoing federal firearms investigation.

Local officers, along with ATF, FBI, DPS, ICE and state police showed up Monday morning after spending time in the city on Saturday. Lancaster's police headquarters is being used as a base for the operation.

The U.S. Attorney's office has confirmed that investigators are working on issuing a number of warrants.

ATF officials said it is a federal firearms investigation that could lead to a number of arrests.

Authorities will not release the details of the investigation so as not to tip their hand to any suspect who may face charges.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing just how much money could be saved if they would just respect the 2A.

Anonymous said...

Oh gee whiz, right in the middle of a huge gun scandal! What a coincidence!

WarriorClass said...

Something to take the heat off from the Gunrunner Scandal? It's amazing how quickly these local idiots gang up with the Feds when they come to town. Who the f@ck do they think they work for anyway?

Hey State and Local LEOs! You don't work for the Fed!


pdxr13 said...

No tips in advance to make sure media is there only after things become "orderly". No one would want a sudden RTC Rally in the neighborhood at the same time, either.

It's the Government we demanded and borrowed to pay for. Make way!

Dennis308 said...

And it's "Stinkin Ta High Heaven"

This is another sorry move in the
"Gun-Walker" cover-up. But Lame-Stream Midia and the Deptartment of Truth have to feed the Masses.


Anonymous said...

Another walked gun used in the murder of a US enforcment officer.

BrianF said...

Isn't today the anniversary of the Waco seige?

Anonymous said...

"This is a typical firearms traficking scheme that we have been investigating for quite some time," said Robert Champion, special agent in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Dallas field office.

The weapon recovered at the scene of the Mexico crime was a 762 assault rifle. Its serial number had been mutilated

Anonymous said...

Targets of Opportunity, all in one small area. . . . .
Too easy, like shooting the proverbial fish in a barrel.

B Woodman

Dedicated_Dad said...

Ah yes...

"Mini-true" is alive and well, I see...

Am I the only one having flashbacks?


- Feb. 28 -
- Demmunist regime in power, not too popular all-in-all, sure could use a boost in their polling-numbers...
- DeepinnaHarta, TX -
- ATF - under bureaucratic siege, and likely in a whole lot of trouble - DESPERATELY needs a major, telegenic "RAID" of some bad, crazy people in order to make themselves look good and minimize the damage caused by pending hearings.
- ATF takes pains to notify the media, but witholds crucial details -- allegedly to ensure the targets of their planned "operations" aren't tipped off.

I could go on, but...

The sense of deja-vu is over-WHELMING!

Where have I heard all this before?


It's all SOOooo familiar!


Are these clowns really THAT pathetic?

Do they REALLY not have *ANYTHING* new in their play-book??

It would be funny if it weren't so sick, and sad...

Hopefully this time they won't feel the need to murder a bunch of kids, or burn down their church...


fgd-anchorage said...

lol! This is like a sneak attack led by the company piper.

I had several thought as to what is going on:
1. The headquarters types are sending the troops out to draw fire.
2. More likely, there is a big fish that the headquarters types need to warn and give time to get away.
3. Even higher headquarters wants a demonstration on Gov. Perry's turf.

I do hope and pray this is not another Waco.

Makun said...

It is all about misdirection. When 911 happened, we suddenly has a war on terror, PATRIOT Act, TSA, and homeland security-now Federal ID cards with GPS trackers are in the works. Now look at ATF trying to allude us all with this investigation!! Hell more federal owned guns ends up on the streets than does from any store front dealers. The best of hypocrisy and tyranny at its finest.