Thursday, February 24, 2011

Okay, just so you know, if this ever happens to me, it wasn't self-inflicted.

A man is in critical condition after shooting himself in the head five or six times at a Panama City gun range on State Road 390 near the old Panama City Airport.


Anonymous said...

Mexican suicide.

Bad Cyborg said...

Reminds me of a Gahan Wilson cartoon (Of course I read it for the articles and cartoons! Don't you?) I saw years ago. In the foreground was an arm, bent at the elbow, sticking out of a meat grinder with the hand on the handle of the grinder. A long stream of what usually comes out of a meat grinder was visible. In the background were two cops. The caption read "Has to be the most determined case of suicide I ever saw."

Kevin Wilmeth said...

"His boss had an accident...he fell on a knife four times."
"Ooh, those things do happen."
"It's a jungle out there."

Some highly usable dialogue in a film otherwise notable for a sickeningly Only One-ish view of the world.

Son of Sam Adams said...

How do you shoot yourself in the head more than once? That takes real determination.

Anonymous said...

A gunsmith I knew a lot of years ago (when pistols were legal in Britain)got a 1911 in. All he'd been told was it had a "Feed Problem".

He took it round the back of his workshop to test fire into the ground, and was rewarded by a burst of full auto.

Gunsmith was very glad not to get shots 3 to 7 up his nose.

The idiot owner had tried to do a trigger job and got the angles wrong, so the sear slipped off every time the slide went forward. The feed problem usually stopped it from emptying the whole mag.

Self inflicted multiple head shots are possible, but too damned rare to believe in.

Anonymous said...

Updated news story on the six-o'clock news; the man died, and the medical examiner said that the first 5 rounds didn't do the job, it was the sixth shot that killed him.