Sunday, February 27, 2011

David Codrea reports: Even ‘pro-gun’ representatives ignoring and ducking ‘Project Gunwalker.’ Entries in the new “Project Gunweasel" Contest.

“Project Gunweasel”


Anonymous said...

Dedicated Marxists on the center left, Finger in the air politicians on the center right, lack of truthful information from the media...

No disaster or revolution has had better planning, or support.

Bad Cyborg said...

NOW do you understand why I thought the celebration over Grassley getting involved was premature?

I am going to be VERY freaking surprised if anything substantive comes of all Mike and David's hard work. Don't get me wrong. I would LOVE to be surprised. Would like nothing better, in fact. Just ain't expecting nothin' real to come of it.

Anon@6:47 AM, I don't know if I reckon it's really planned but I don't see how things could work out any better if it WERE. I really don't think the elites expect us to do anything but piss and moan. It would appear that some nominally on "our" side share that expectation. Gonna be a hallova shock for all when it happens. Yessir, hellova shock.

Bac Cyborg X

Dennis308 said...

Mike, I called my congress critters office again and spoke with the same lady(Olivia)see promised me that she had read the GoA posting that I directed her to last week and would be showing it to the Congress Varmint, I Asked her to have the congressman to call or e-mail me back with a response. If/When it Arrives I will notify/re-post in comments here at SSI.


Good Cyborg said...

So, Bad Cyborg: If you were in the trenches on the front lines and some asshole kept whining about it being a lost cause and no use, would you appreciate it and think it helpful, or after a while would you just want to throw his ass out and let him crawl over to the enemy where he could do their Axis Sally work for them honestly?

We GET it. You're fucking Eeyore. Every time this comes up you can't wait to bring in another bucket of water to douse the coals with.

God forbid you spend the energy spreading the word on this that you do discouraging people from trying because you say it's hopeless.

Honest to God, man, do you think you're helping?