Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Week for Project Gunwalker Scandal: Bomb Damage Assessment Time for both the Justice Department and the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians.

Readers will recall my first post from Monday morning, predicting a
"Big Week for Gunwalker Scandal," beginning with an ATF agent's suggested witness list for Senator Grassley to get to the bottom of the mess. Later that morning I posted my letter to the Consul General of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos in Atlanta -- In English AND Spanish and, more tellingly, BLOCKBUSTER: Open Source Analysis of "Fast & Furious" Bust Confirms It As An Integral Part of the Project Gunwalker Cover-up.

On Tuesday, we covered "Silence is the New Loud" with Sound of Silence: Wagering odds on a scandal, cops become crooks & Kurt Hofmann asks the 1.1 Billion Dollar Question about Project Gunwalker. Later on Tuesday we posted "STONEWALL: The empire strikes back. DOJ issues denial on death of Brian Terry." with the added professional assessment from someone in the government that it was "Standard cover-up material that even a boy of 8 would laugh at." Also on Tuesday we noted that Gun Owners of America had taken official notice of the scandal and was mobilizing its membership.

On Wednesday, we issued A Call to All Second Amendment Activists: There is a way you can help to shine the bright light of truth on the Project Gunwalker Scandal, which began to pay off by the end of the week. Later on Wednesday came "Looks like Grassley's office ain't buying the stonewall on the Project Gunwalker Scandal. Five questions for the Congress to ask under oath." Also on Wednesday came my call to remember "The nameless, faceless dead of the Project Gunwalker Scandal," damning the DOJ's apparent attitude of "What's a few more dead Mexicans in the grand scheme of things?"

Wednesday was a long, long day and around midnight I reported on the discovery of the "Rosetta Stone: David Codrea Posts Grassley Letter to Eric Holder with Project Gunwalker DOCUMENTS," Senator Grassley's bitch slap of AG Holder which concluded with the demand: "The best way to honor (Brian Terry's) memory is to come clean."

On Thursday I described some reaction to Grassley's letter and the leaked documents in ATF Whistleblowers to Senator Grassley: "Welcome to the party, pal!" In the same post I reminded readers, "But remember, the fight against this evil is an open invitation to YOU as well."

On Friday I took the lamestream media to task in "The story upon the stair. The failure of 'authorized journalists' to pick up on Senator Grassley's bitch slap of Eric Holder".

Also on Friday I mirrored on Vince Cefalu's damning CUATF piece "An ATF agent's indictment. 'ATF DIDN'T make every effort to interdict these guns or they WOULD HAVE been interdicted.'" And, later, I had fun at SAC Newell's expense by reporting on the ATF job posting occasioned by his upcoming transfer to Mexico: "Wanted: individual skilled in firearms smuggling, insulting Mexicans, threatening subordinates, massive cover-up . Lack of scruples a plus. Apply ATF."

Friday was every bit as long a day as Wednesday, for I then reported on David's call to Second Amendment activists, "David Codrea: ‘Project Gunwalker’ protest can help kill ATF’s long gun reporting proposal." I later amended that post with a link to Alvie D. Zane's letter to Arizona Governor Jane Brewer which I characterized as an excellent example of David's motto, "Any chair in a bar fight."

Also on Friday, results of our campaign began to flower in other venues. First came "Ask and you shall receive: Stacey Delikat in Phoenix comes through with the first media report on the Grassley letter to Holder."

Then I reported that the Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms had joined GOA: CCRKBA calls for Senate investigation of Project Gunwalker Scandal. I observed that the "NRA weinermobile (is) still looking for a parking place."

But I spoke only slightly too soon, because as David reports this morning: "NRA issues statement on Grassley ATF inquiry."

So here we are, on Saturday afternoon, doing a bit of bomb damage assessment from the "Big Week."

Inside reports indicate that this has been a pretty excremental week for Eric Holder and the cover-up crew, full of meetings, nasty questions, and recriminations. On our side, we keep waiting for the Empire to really strike back -- not like that ill-considered "bite me" letter they wrote to Grassley which resulted in the public posting of the Project Gunwalker documents. Lanny Breuer is the subject of some speculation on our side simply because, in the words of one of our brain trust of analysts, he is said to own "Martian intelligence." He is hip deep in this and to expect him to go quietly into the bureaucratic good night of defeat and public dishonor without a fight is a pipe dream.

We haven't seen the last of him, but then he hasn't seen the last of the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians either.

For now, today, both sides are in bomb damage assessment mode. Expect follow-up strikes from both sides of the cover-up of the circumstances of the murder of Brian Terry.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think there's a single person on the planet paying attention who is fooled by your feigned concern for the carnage in Mexico or racist insults against Mexicans? I mean, when you have filled this blog up with just such racist rants? And when the policies you advocate are precisely responsible for all the armed drug dealers here and across the border?

But by all means, please do go ahead and make the mistake of assuming the rest of the world is as willfully ignorant and uninterested in reality as your readership demonstrably is. It'll just make the work of ensuring you wind up where you richly deserve to be that much easier.

J. Croft said...


Don't know if you've noted but there is still a lot of hesitation among the fudds and the gov loving m4gery fudds about this scandal. There's a chance if this can be brought to national attention that it might change some minds...

Bad Cyborg said...

I'm sorry, Mike, but do you REALLY believe that all your and David's hard work is going to accomplish anything? What exactly can the Senate do to Holder or anyone at ATF?

I'm behind you 100% but I do not think anyone can stop the revolution from coming. From where I sit, all that can be done is delay the start. And I am not even sure THAT is possible. The executive branch has the bit between its teeth. What can be done to stop the headlong plunge to statism?

To Anonymous, February 12, 2011 11:32 AM,
Boy, you best lay off the wacky tobacky a while. You're sounding plumb loco.

Bad Cyborg X

Gaviota said...

"It'll just make the work of ensuring you wind up where you richly deserve to be that much easier."

If only that could be true. I'm thinking Gun Rights Czar in the next Republican White House.

I know, I know. Don't feed the trolls.

Defender said...

NRA says "...or did it [ATF] lack the manpower to do its job effectively?"
Lack the manpower?!? Maybe a nice budget increase for more hiring by that prima facie unconstitutional agency will fix things?
I notice there's no mention of Sipsey Street or WoG, or CCRKBA or GOA. It's like NRA discovered this all on its own. Bad, bad news, considering all the Fudds who get all their gun rights information from Waples Mill Palace.

Defender said...

Anonymous, if Mexican citizens could own guns legally, would the drug cartels have the absolute power they have? Why are most U.S. drug gangs running the gun-banning CITIES?
Don't strain any synapses considering that MORE freedom might be better, now.

Anonymous said...

The "defeatists" are out in force, they tell you not to try to do anything because nothing will change...

I for one, will not be silenced. I will not give up the fight for justice for Brian Terry.

WarriorClass said...

Excellent job, Mike! Even if we don't win back our freedom within the system, you at least have done everything possible to get justice within it. The nay sayers have done nothing.

If we fail to be the salt of the earth, we will surely be trampled under the feet of men.

I applaud all you have done and will support your efforts to the best of my ability.


Travis McGee said...

Good to see that the ATF has is lurking, as seen in "Anonymous" at 11:32 am.

The top floor BATFags are sweating bullets. They know that if the coverup fails, they will be defenstrated by the DoJ to cover their own backsides.

Dedicated_Dad said...

If there's a "racist insult against Mexicans" on this blog, I'd like to see it. Please -- educate me!

The part I love about such kool-aid-drinkers is how their delusions allow them to somehow believe **THEY** are the ones who are knowledgeable and "reality based."

Let's talk about "willfull ignorance." This will be fun!

Question: If guns are the problem, why has crime dropped exponentially as most states have LOOSENED their GC laws and both ownership and carry has grown exponentially?

As to the instant case, many collectivists are still quoting the long-debunked "90%" figure - while *WE* knew from the start it was false, and proved it so within weeks of its appearance.

Now - having proven beyond doubt that most of the guns in Mexico came from elsewhere, and most of those which came from the US were .mil weapons - we've exposed the fact that most of the few "civilian" weapons that *HAVE* gone from here to there were smuggled with essential collusion by the very jack-booted thugs whose job it is to prevent this from happening.

But *WE* are the ones who are "willfully ignorant" and "uninterested in reality."

Only in the fevered, kool-aid poisoned mind of the collectivist does "spent months proving TRUTH" translate to "willfully ignorant" and devoting all of ones spare time to spreading that truth translate to "uninterested in reality."

They really DO live in "backward-land" huh??!!

Remember: War is peace, freedom is slavery, and so on...

Dedicated_Dad said...

Oh, and PS:

Ever note how these brave, deluded souls are always "Anonymous?"

Go figure...