Friday, February 11, 2011

CCRKBA calls for Senate investigation of Project Gunwalker Scandal. NRA weinermobile still looking for a parking place.

"Hey! Anybody seen an ATF scandal around here?"

Dave Workman reports in "BULLETIN: Bellevue group calls for Senate investigation of ATF controversy," that the Washington State based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is calling for a Senate investigation of the Project Gunwalker scandal.

What with Gun Owners of America walking point on the scandal and now CCRKBA joining the patrol, one wonders when the NRA weinermobile is going to arrive on the scene. I guess the Lairds of Fairfax are still figuring the angles of advantage for them.


Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

JPFO is doing its part, as well.

Big Al said...

Jim Quinn of Quinn and Rose Radio Show, XM 158 and on local Pittsburgh Radio 104.7 talked about Operation Gunwalker this morning on his show. He mentioned that the Border Patrol Agent was killed by one of the rifles the ATF allowed across into Mexico. I hope those scum burn........


Miss Violet said...

I give my money to the JPFO because they actually do something to help us keep our 2A rights.

As far as I'm concerned the NRA is nothing more than a political lapdog. We'll be needin' those "T" branding irons for that whole bunch traitors also.

tom said...

We all know where the NRA "parks their weiner", they park it in an uncomfortable part of the anatomy of us constitutionalist libertarian firearms owners (given the chance) whilst we giggle at the sad-sacks that didn't manage to cornhole us that go on TV show hunts and yammer about "sporting porpoises" as an excuse to screw us over and (unlike themselves and the rest of the NRA) WE read 2A as it was WRITTEN and intended.

I joined a "state rifle assosciation" for odcmp porpoises and they endorsed anti-gun ARS#-wIperz in my district, and they are As*-sucks to the NRA in the "BIG PICTURE". Any questions?

Question nobody has ever asked and I shall PUT MY NAME ON IT:

When the zumbos don't have people paying for their hunts and gear, who will feed them? They don't show any ability to look after themselves one bit, as they've been living "high on the hog" on other people's money WAY too long to probably even be able to survive on their own...

Interesting, isn't it?

My Thrupence.

Reg T said...

The NRA has too many friends in the administration of BATF to want to rock the boat. Playing both sides of the game the way they do is difficult, don't you know.

Besides, knowing that they have assisted in writing just about every piece of gun control legislation since - and including - the GCA '68 debacle, I imagine they are too busy sitting down with the Bradys, McCarthy, Schumer, Feinstein and Lautenberg scripting the next attempt at gun control legislation to speak up about this issue.

WarriorClass said...

I know GOA and JPFO since I'm a member of those organizations. Who the hell is NRA with the weeny mobile? A division of Oscar Meyer?


Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Well I'll be damned; they aren't being completely silent about it.

Maybe they're planning to take credit for bringing this to light.

Carl Bussjaeger said...

ILA PR: "The obvious question is: Did BATFE have no involvement with the firearms involved in the shootout, or did it lack the manpower to do its job effectively?"

Looks like the NRA is going to spin this as 'It isn't the poor BATFE's fault; we just didn't give them a huge enough budget'. That would be consistent of them.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

" Well I'll be damned; [The quislings at the NRA] aren't being completely silent about it."

Holy CRAP. Check out that link!

"...Grassley stated in the letter that he has documentation for his allegations..."

No, Morons. He INCLUDED THE DOCUMENTATION. You don't even note that the docs are available online??!!

"...The obvious question is: Did BATFE have no involvement with the firearms involved in the shootout, or did it lack the manpower to do its job effectively?..."

Am I misreading this, or did these traitors just support the argument that ATF needs more funding??!!


As if I needed another reason to hate these cork-sorters!!

We're going to need A LOT OF ROPE!!