Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hugh Holub reports: "More on the effort to cover up the truth about the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry."

"Want to know when you’ve hit a sore spot and there really is a fire where you reported there was smoke? When the other side goes after you and attacks."


Anonymous said...

No matter what does or does not come of this expose on the ATF culpability in all this and the subsequent cover-up, I am very proud of your efforts, Michael Vanderboegh. You stood up for right. You defended truth. You kicked some major booty, son and you did it without ever being confused about who the enemies were. Not one innocent person or group was ever drug by you into this war against our gun rights. You kept clear vision at all times and never once put the crosshairs on the wrong target. Well done. Very well done.

johnnyreb said...

WTF? Rubber bullets and bean bags?

And we sent fully loaded assault teams and snipers in for the kiddies at Waco?

Bless you Mike. Keep up the pressure and watch your six brother.