Friday, February 18, 2011

Doubling down on the Project Gunwalker cover-up. Getting rid of the witnesses & "Damn the dead Border Patrol agents, full speed ahead!"

William "Billy" Hoover, Acting Deputy Director ATF (on right), thought too stupid in a poll of street agents to be the first one to roll on the Project Gunwalker cover-up. is bulling ahead with the long gun registry -- "Damn the dead Border Patrol Agents, full speed ahead!"

"US Attorney to Deport Three Suspects in Brian Terry Murder - Getting the Witnesses Out of Town??"

Bob Price writes:

There are more and more questions coming out about the murder of Brian Terry and the government's role. Certainly their lack of being forthcoming with information and now this rush to get three potential witnesses out of the country add fuel to the fires of these rumors.

Someone needs to stop the deportation of these potential witnesses until Sen. Grassley's investigation is complete. And, more importantly, someone needs to come clean with the truth in this case and Operation Gunrunner.

And Robert Farago reports that "White House, ATF Press Ahead with Plans for Federal Long Gun Registry."

This was a clear indication that the ATF and the administration was going ahead with the registry—despite the Gunwalker scandal’s “lost” firearms and the obvious implication that the ATF has no fucking clue what it’s doing. According to inside sources, the public comments ran against the registry at a rate of roughly 1000 to one.

And? Even before the comments could be logged under the ATF’s enemies list (again, I’m not making that up), the ATF is officially announcing that it’s damn the damnation, full speed ahead. Acting Head Melson’s number one, William Hoover [above, right], made it official.

“I truly believe that everyone in the administration supports this and I’m pretty confident that we’ll get it done,” said William Hoover, acting deputy director of ATF, in an interview.

So, once again, the Obama administration’s opinion trumps public sentiment. But it’s worse than that . . .

There’s one little detail—well, one really important one—that’s been left out of all the nominal discussions about this long-gun registry. What happens to the information? There has been no official declaration, or document, mandating the destruction of the data within a given time period. Until yesterday.

“This is just a shallow excuse to engage in a sweeping firearms registration scheme,” NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said last year on the group’s website.

Hoover denied that the ATF is seeking to create a national registry, and said records would be kept for 24 months and then destroyed if not acted on by investigators.

Again, please note that we only have Mr. Hoover’s word for that. Show us the regulation. Meanwhile, what are the protocols for sharing the data? Will the Mexican police have access? Will the sales data be entered into the ATF’s e-Trace system so that several dozen foreign governments will have access?

Bottom line: the federal long gun registry “pilot program” isn’t dead. It doesn’t even appear to be wounded. Not to coin a phrase, that’s some scary ass shit right there.

So William J. "Billy" Hoover, Acting Deputy Director ATF, thought too stupid in a poll of street agents to be the first one to roll on the Project Gunwalker cover-up. is bulling ahead with the long gun registry, declaring "Damn the dead Border Patrol Agents, full speed ahead!"

You have to wonder what alternate universe these people are living in. Don't they read their mail? That last letter from Senator Grassley was so specific in its demands that they have to know the whistleblowers have already provided him the documents he is asking for and he is just seeing if they are stupid enough to try and lie -- again.

Well, judging by their actions, maybe they are that stupid.


WarriorClass said...

The smell keeps getting worse and worse from the DOJ. Time to clean house!


Anonymous said...

To paraphrase the old hippie slogan:
"What if they gave a registration and nobody came?"

I could possibly see this as the opening salvo, as no one who believes in freedoms and liberty will register their guns, long or short. No matter what the penalties are. Remember Canada's registry debacle?
So, what's the DOJers & BATFEces going to do then? Go door to door? Forcibly?

Got ammo? And a barking dog?

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

These people are blamable and have their jobs because they will do what they are told, how they are told. They are the ripe fruit of a very healthy and toxic vine.

Anonymous said...

Treasonist bastards. It's past time to find a hangin tree.

Doc Enigma said...

Well, then again, there's that 'compliance' thing with any registry.

The numbers aren't lookin' too 'hawt' for the 'enforcers', even in an attrition situation.....

Hoover needs to be careful of what he wishes for....

Defender said...

We should expect no different from the people who immediately bulldozed the smoldering ruins of Mt. Carmel outside Waco and trucked the evidence to a military base where it will forever be inaccessible to anyone who cares.

Defender said...

Even if the 15% of licensed media who AREN'T big-government lovers gave Gunwalker any air time, there's always this:

Anonymous said...

Coupled with the fact that DOJ refuses to indict banksters (per this interview with Issa):

I'd say you're right. DOJ needs to clean house....starting with Holder.

W W Woodward said...

Stupid? Probably.

Don't give a damn? Most assuredly!

The mentality of those who honestly believe they cannot be touched or held responsible never ceases to amaze and sicken me. "Just throw some dirt on the corpses and everybody will forget about this in a few months. Peoples' memories are short." Sadly, very often they manage to get by with it.

It's up to all of us to make sure people don't forget.


Anonymous said...

Uh....guys, unless you're an don't have any say in whether or not your future gun purchases are 'registered' under this proposed policy.

When you purchase more than 1 mag fed rifle under this new policy, your FFL will have to notify the registry of the sales.....if he wants to keep his license.

In short, bitch all you want....ain't up to us.

Certainly, if there's a call to register guns already owned we can all ignore it....but then the government will just go to FFLs to get their 4473s and unfortunately, the folks that think they can tell them all the guns were lost in a 'boating accident' or they were sold in FTF transfers are going to find out just how wrong they are.

No, if registration of currently held weapons becomes a requirement....the war has already started....we'll just be waiting for the 2nd shot heard round the world to really kick it off.

Bad Cyborg said...

"[Sen Grassley] is just seeing if [the ATF heads] are stupid enough to try and lie -- again."

Stupid, schmoopid. They're just damned CONFIDENT nobody can touch them.

And exactly WHO is going to do the cleaning, WarriorClass? Law Enforcement is a function of the Executive Branch. The problem here comes down to "Who polices the police?"

Woodman, They don't HAVE to "give a registration". Have you - EVER - purchased a long gun from/through a FFL holder? If so then they already have your vital data plus data on the weapon where they can get their hands on it. If they want the information, all they have to do is order all FFL holders to submit copies of all long gun sales for the last 2 or 4 or 10 (pick a number) years and threaten to suspend/revoke the license of anyone who fails to comply. Better yet, they could order them to submit the data electronically. That would let them compile the list quickly. BINGO! Instant national long gun registry. And - short of a rebellion - there isn't a bloody thing we can do about it.

Defender, there really isn't a damned thing we can do about the FCC NOW. In the name of "fairness", "media diversity and competition" and "real journalism" (of which George Stephanopoulos is such a shining example), FCC Commissioner Michael Copps called for a government hand in media policy. The only thing missing will be a media outlet named "Truth" (Правда Pravda) and one named "News" (ɪzˈvʲestʲɪjə Izvestia). And we will definitely be at the point were the Soviet Union was when someone wag quipped "In Pravda there is no Izvestia; in Izvestia there is no Pravda." Sad fact of the matter is that we are damned near that point now with the lame stream media.

Oh, and did you forget that the Executive already has the means to shut down any website it chooses? Just because they haven't shut down any dissenting websites (that we know of - YET!) is no guarantee they will scruple to do it some time in the future.

Woodman, I got a 200 rd. battle pack of surplus German 7.62 NATO coming from AIM (hopefully) today. If it works well enough in my brand new FNAR I'm gonna order another 5 packs as soon as I get back from the range trying it out. I'm also gonna let a couple of bloggers I know about know the results of my test either way.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Hoover is FOS.

Even IF keeping records for "only" two years wasn't the same as "Permanently", it's a simple matter to keep them forever when you consider that even doing a computer search through the entire list for any name dreamed up can qualify as being "acted on by investigators".

WarriorClass said...

Well Bad Cyborg, right now we're contacting our congressmen and senators to start the process. Law enforcement may be part of the Executive Branch, but how many LEOs do you think they'll have without any funding from congress?

What you doing to clean it up?


Anonymous said...

If this goes through and no one ends up dead, let's just pack it in because we're all fur coat and no trousers.

WarriorClass said...

The U.S. House has voted for an amendment to H.R. 1 offered by Reps. Denny Rehberg and Dan Boren that prohibits the use of federal funds for a new and unauthorized multiple sales reporting scheme proposed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). The measure passed the chamber with broad bipartisan support.


III more than them said...

"Woodman, I got a 200 rd. battle pack of surplus German 7.62 NATO coming from AIM (hopefully) today. If it works well enough in my brand new FNAR I'm gonna order another 5 packs as soon as I get back from the range trying it out. I'm also gonna let a couple of bloggers I know about know the results of my test either way.

Bad Cyborg X"

Hey Bad, those are likely the cupro-nickel (nickel plated) rounds. If so, and you can tell by the silver projectile color, keep in mind that the residue in the barrel might attract water. Might want to verify that, and do good cleaning afterward if true.

Happy D said...

If I buy one double rifle do I have to send in my papers?
What If I buy a drilling? :)