Monday, February 21, 2011

Why People Don't Buy Gold (Which is why I only invest in ammunition).


MadDawg308 said...

Ammunition rarely goes down in value, it's always useful, and always has a trading value.

Purchasing lead, copper, and brass in pre-assembled form is always a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Silver and current production nickels.

My silver has yielded more profit than any ammo I have.

But I'm still buying more of both.

Anonymous said...

I looked at a box of 9mm I have in "the stash" that I bought some years back. $9.99.

That same box is $25-ish now.

250% in a few years. You can even make small (or large) withdraws to "protect" your other investments... ;-)

Beat that, DOW.

I agree Mike, and in all seriousness treat ammo as an investment.


Anonymous said...

Ammunition has the best maturity and return rate of any product out there.

Anonymous said...

Roger that!

Anonymous said...

having food in storage means not having to risk trading your gold or silver until you can be certain of what is the value of an egg and trade accordingly and safely for it.

ever consider a cache of coal buried in your back yard... or good multitools, knives, or bearing grease..

gold attracts bandit maggots that can kill you for it if needed so..

live long and free


Anonymous said...

I also don't buy gold. I figure gold will some day drop just like the housing market, and then folks will have some shiny metal that's not good for much.

I do invest in ammunition, though. That stuff never loses its value!


pdxr13 said...

The Ammunition is the best defense against Socialism taking The Gold.

Anonymous said...

Silver has out performed gold in the past century. In 1980 it was $4.00 an oz. Once our paper currency is worth nothing, which it will be once the dollar is no longer the worlds reserve currency, silver is going to be worth a lot more then it is to day.

PS I like lead also

Dakota said...

So does good whiskey MadDawg 308 ... best to have a little extra of both.

Anonymous said...

One day when you're starving and out of ammo, you reach into your pack and pull out a couple of beautiful gold coins you've been hoarding.
No way in hell would I trade you a box of ammo or MRE's for some shiny metal. Goes against all logic. Can't eat or shoot diamonds either. Just more bling for the unprepared!!


Dennis308 said...

Already sold all my gold while I was unemployed now just buy guns, brass,copper/lead,powder and primers steeaaaaacchhhhh those dollars while people still accept them.

pdxr13 said...

I'll trade for your gold in the future, but not for anywhere near what you can buy with $1400 now.

How about 50 pound of rice + 25 pounds of pinto beans + 25 pounds of black beans + 5 pounds of sugar? $70 fiat now, Gold Eagle later. Meat, if there is some, could be part of the deal.

A 1oz gold coin is a $1000+ bill. Yeah, you could snip to pieces of eight, but it's still hard to make change. 10 rolls of silver dimes (500 dimes) is how multiple small deals are made at the Year Three Barter Faire.

I'd much rather trade in silver and nickel rolls than put ammo into circulation. Even having a local fiat currency seems preferable to loss of opsec by trading out ammo.


Dedicated_Dad said...

One major downside to trading ammo-it would truly suck to be shot with your own barter goods...

I'm hoarding tobacco and cigarette tubes. I already have the machines to "stuff" them.

Wish I had the means to also hoard coffee- you KNOW folks will be FIENDING for nicotine and caffeine!

Further, most will gladly trade food for a smoke, even their last sammich...

Yeah, I'm evil......


PS: for any smokers, i'm smoking BETTER cigs, FRESH, TOO (you've probably never had a fresh one) and they cost me about$ 0.80 a pack.

They are made with better filers, better paper, better, fresher tobaccos and none of the nasty poisons you're smoking now. You'd be amazed his much better I feel, too!

That I'm also agreeing Levithan (Fed. &State) out of the chance to screw ME out of ages bucks per pack in taxes is just the bonus!

Drop me a line if you'd like pointers to getting started- I've bought a lot of ammo with the cash I've saved!

JUST THINK what you could do with an extra$ 40-50 every week!!

Of course, no cigarette is good for you, but these are much, much less BAD...


Anonymous said...

Ammo is good to own as are the firearms that use it, ( I have enought to equip my family and friends who will not buy there own) but I have also invested in tools and raw materials,steel shafting and plate might be very usefull in a seriously down economy

Anonymous said...

Many people buy gold and many more are waking up to it with the recent advertising of it on mainstream television. Governments are even buying it. I've bought my share as a means of wealth preservation and a hedge against inflation. I've also bought my bullets and beans and silver.

Most people haven't bought gold because they are simply ignorant of it and wouldn't even know where to go to buy it, locally or online.

Years ago, I introduced several friends to buying silver. They bought back when it was less than $4/oz....they thanks me everytime they see me now for waking them up to silver bullion.

Rhodes said...

I cant sew a case of ammo into my clothing should I ever have to vacate a location.

I am not in this for an investment Im in for a protection should something happen. Only fool puts all his eggs into a single basket. No matter how closely you watch that basket chit happens.

Ammo,weapons,food,silver,gold, medicine, seeds, etc all fit plan since no one knows what the future may bring.

Ammo is more fun to "spend" though.