Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why firearms matter.

A tip of the boonie hat to Randy Dye for the link.


idahobob said...

That was great!!

Good thing I was between sips of the ol' morning coffee, or there would have been a real mess all over my screen!


Anonymous said...

AHahhahahahhahah you owe me a keyboard

Bad Cyborg said...

Don't get too excited, idahobob, #1 Shatner was only reading lines. #2 the whole point of the scene was to make FUN of the attitude Shatner's character exhibited. We both know that in a fight-or-flight situation nobody is as calm as Shatner appeared to be. We also know that the first thing to go in such a situation is the fine motor control needed to hit something small such as a man's foot. That's why LEOs and anyone learning defensive shooting is taught to aim for the center of mass.

BTW, I followed the links at the end of that video. There was a nice one about Archie Bunker speaking out against gun control. While the arguments were good, using the Bunker character looking WORSE on TV than Nixon ever did in 1959 made the effect utterly opposite to that mouthed by the ultra leftist Carrol O'Connor.

Bad Cyborg X

Scott J said...

Hmm, knee and both feet WITHOUT using the sights.

Only in Hollywierd.

Funny clip but has little touch with reality.

aughtsix said...

Not to rain on the parade but the producers and writers likely had the opposite take on this from the one we would prefer...
gun owners as nutjobs as opposed to responsible, righteous defenders of life and property.

This IS Denny Crain, and it IS Boston Legal, after all.

Brilliant how they can play both sides.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Crap - I responded to the "Archie" clip B.C. referenced...



Sean said...

I'd have rather seen bang dead, two in the head, but it was okay. I can easily shoot someone in both feet and one knee at that range. Hollywood be dam-ned.

Dakota said...

Don't you guys be bad mouthin the Captain Kirk now ..... he could have done that at 50 yards with his eyes closed. Sheeeeesh no respect.

As for Archie .... works for me.

Bill St. Clair said...

Dedicated_Dad's comic was by Scott Bieser:

Dr.D said...

Remember Shatner is an ACTOR, he get payed to act. You really need to see his ( Shatners Raw Nerve) interview with Bernard Geotz (subway vigilante)
When Geotz says he had no regrets over shooting three punks the next shot was of Shatner looking like a deer in the headlights, unable to wrap his brain around that comment. PRICELESS!!!. He's a lib, make no mistake.