Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The nameless, faceless dead of the Project Gunwalker Scandal. "What's a few more dead Mexicans in the grand scheme of things?"

"Mexican Hands."

We know the name and the face of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, killed on 14 December 2010 by a smuggler's semi-auto rifle that the ATF knew beforehand was headed south and did nothing to stop.

What we don't know yet, because the ATF and the Justice Department are unwilling to tell us, are the names of the faceless dead of other people in Mexico killed with rifles of similar provenance, provided them by SAC Newell and friends in the Phoenix ATF office. That such people existed is a certainty, and not just because our sources within ATF, those brave whistleblowers, tell us so. If with a wink and a nod you provide weapons to criminals, they will kill people with them. And they have, now on both sides of the border.

These people have names and faces, of course. The ATF, through means of their much-ballyhooed trace information knows who they are. They had names and faces, all known to and loved by their bereft families -- wives, sweethearts, mothers, fathers, children -- yet unknown to us because the Obama Administration is desperately trying to make sure that we never find out.

They believe, these cover-up artists, that if they are able to lie their way past culpability for the death of Brian Terry, that no one here will care about a few dead, nameless, faceless Mexicans. The Mexican government, it is said by people familiar with the process, will likely be bought off from protesting too much about the unintended consequences of ATF bureaucracy's latest bright idea. What's a few more dead Mexicans in the grand scheme of things? These dead people mean nothing to them when stacked up against their unimpeded retirement plans.

Let us remember Brian Terry. But let us also remember the nameless, faceless Mexican dead of the Project Gunwalker scandal -- made nameless and faceless by the continuing cover-up of the circumstances of their deaths by employees of the United States government.

Let us remember.

Let us remember and let us insist that the people responsible for callously and cynically arming their killers in a bureaucratic stunt be called to account.



CowboyDan said...

It would seem the Mexican policia could supply the names of the fallen Mexican crime victims. Then, when the names of the guys who provided the weapons used to kill them, their families could....

On another note, Texas GOP Voter had a note that the Mexican drug runner shot in the foot in the firefight that killed Agent Terry was medivac'ed BEFORE Agent Terry.

Something real wrong with that in my book - An American cop with life-threatening injuries had to WAIT for transport while a suspect with an injury that was NOT life-threatening got life-flighted first.

Let's add that to the list of questions for Senator Grassley's inquiry, shall we? You just know all the radio chatter is recorded, and by now, transcribed and available in pdf format.

Anonymous said...

You know no shame, do you, Mike? No shame at all. Lying comes naturally to you. It's how you made it as a communist in your earlier life, eh?

The reality is that it's your buddies in the gun industry and nice folk like you just interested in the economic opportunities offered by straw purchasing who are supplying the Mexican cartels with the tools of their deadly trade. Stop lying. Don't you claim to be a Christian? You do know what your man Jesus thought about lying, don't you?

Anonymous said...

In essence, ATF is hoping that by telling congress that they aren't going to exact retribution for their own agents exposing their misdeeds, (and actually doing so) congress will figure that "half a loaf" is better than having the whole organization crash down, so they'll let the issue die

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the loved ones of those Mexicans murdered by the ATF lets see if my translator works well for me here:

Para los que participan en este acto y más aún en el encubrimiento de la misma: Que tu eternidad en el infierno comienza ahora.

CowboyDan said...

En Espanol "Para los que participan en este acto y más aún en el encubrimiento de la misma: Que tu eternidad en el infierno comienza ahora."

y en Engles, "For participating in this event and even more in the concealment: your eternity in hell begins now."

Bing Translator kicks serious ass, in my book. I DO like it!

Mile 66 said...

Here's some gramatically polished and tense/gender congruent version:

"Para aquellos que participaron en este acto, y más aun en su encubrimiento: Que su eternidad en el infierno comience ahora."

WV: ceperb. Indeed!

Anonymous said...

The murder of Agent Terry is not the first nor the last committed by Government Agencies. What's worse is that we will do nothing to change the status quo.


TMLutas said...

The spanish attempts are very nice but I suspect you can use english with the Mexican embassy...