Saturday, February 5, 2011

BP agent Brian Terry's own valediction is an indictment of the government-paid cowards who are covering up the circumstances of his death.

Doing some research into the timeline of the Project Gunwalker scandal and the death of Brian Terry, I found this:

At the request of Terry's family, his tactical unit colleague, Agent John Bonbright, read aloud from a letter Terry once sent home to loved ones. In it, the slain agent describes his on-the-job credo.

"I do not fear death, for I have been close enough to it on enough occasions that it no longer concerns me," the letter said.

"What I do fear is the loss of my honor and would rather die fighting than to have it said that I was without courage."

Compare and contrast that to the cravenly cowards -- the disgusting specimens of humanity -- of the ATF, the FBI, DHS and the "Justice" Department of the Obama Administration who now cower in the darkness trying to save their own miserable careers by covering up the Project Gunwalker scandal and the circumstances that led to a brave man's murder.

A Brian A. Terry Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established on Facebook here. I urge all readers of Sipsey Street to contribute a little something.


DC Wright said...

I used to think that the BP was just another worthless FedGov thug agency. That, of course, was before I had my eyes opened to reality.

What we DO need, though, is a complete END to the war on some drugs, which would end MOST of the border violence real quick! Then, while I'm fantasizing, end the war on guns and gun owners and totally disband the BATFags and imprison those who have been setting the unconstitutional policies that have created such injustices as you've chronicled so faithfully. Either that or just execute them and jail their minions for life... hardest time possible.

THEN PUT UP THE BORDER WALL!!! Put in exits so anyone can LEAVE as they choose, just make it real hard to come IN illegally.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see all those fantasies become reality too, but if you take notice of what's going on in this country, they are just getting started going in the other direction. I'll bet in another year we will have twice as many fedgoons as today. The speed at which the .gov is pushing their agenda is mind boggling. I truly believe that the rule of law is long dead, no one will be punished (except for the obligatory scapegoat)and their death march will continue. I know, we can still hope for the best though.

Semper Fi, 0321

Jay Stang said...

Those are the words of a man. A real American man and a former Marine. It's too bad that there aren't enough Brian Terrys around, and it seems they aren't around long enough.