Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another country heard from . . .

From a comment to the "Nameless, faceless dead" post below.

Anonymous said...
You know no shame, do you, Mike? No shame at all. Lying comes naturally to you. It's how you made it as a communist in your earlier life, eh?

The reality is that it's your buddies in the gun industry and nice folk like you just interested in the economic opportunities offered by straw purchasing who are supplying the Mexican cartels with the tools of their deadly trade. Stop lying. Don't you claim to be a Christian? You do know what your man Jesus thought about lying, don't you?

Acting Director Melson? Ist dat du?


Dennis308 said...

Hey Asshole,Have you stuck around long enough to read this I hope.

What are worried about what Jesus thought or said as you by the tone of your comment are not Christian,
"your man Jesus".

And if Mike has so many "buddies in the gun industry "why haven't they sey him up with a Distributor-ship.Cause if they ever do I know where I'll be looking to buy the rest of my Gun and Ammo. Heck if Mike had Gun Store I bet I could get a Threeper Discount.

Hey Mike, can I get a 3per discount some where that I don't know about yet.


eddymatthews said...

LOL! Heres something you might find interesting. Especially the comments.

Anonymous said...

Wow. An accuser. Lurking where they don't belong just so they can post their whiny little Libtard rant, happy to do evil upon another who is their superior in every way. What motivates creatures like this? Are they that jealous of those who obviously live in the light of truth and not their darkness?

It is appropriate that this asshat of a commenter brought this to mind:

Apocalypse 12:10
"And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying: Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: because the ACCUSER of our brethren is cast forth, who ACCUSED them before our God day and night."

But then again this particular devil said "your man Jesus" so what does THAT say about them? To live in such darkness, not knowing good from evil, up from down, not tolerating sound doctrine, turning like a worm...must really suck.

I have to ask the falsifier and accuser why it is they have such a fear of the truth? What is it makes you scurry from the truth like a cockroach from the light? Don't you know that "the truth shall make you free"? Poor, dumb lurking accuser.

ToryII said...

I want and hope Amerika's gun dealers sell many guns to anyone, anywhere. Hopefully it will spark our dead economy. Too bad the AK isn't made here. We could sell thousands of them to Mexico.

Fk the ATF.

Dr. von Schnitzel said...

Nein! Za "reality iz" zhat za commenter iz obviouzly zufferink from za dilluzionz from too lonk livink vith za Leftvinkerz.

Pleaze to call my offize und make za appointment vith za zecretary immediately. For you za doctor iz in becauze you iz a real vierdo.

Defender said...

90% of licensed dealers have been run out of business, and the rest are leaned on increasingly hard. Impossible recordkeeping standards, armed raids, threats. Anyone hiring? I must be a masochist. I keep fighting for the rights of people who have no interest in them.

Defender said...

Thanks, Eddy. How can the Associated Press mention this and NOT mention Op Gunwalker? They must think NOBODY has the Internet.
I call them A Socialist Press.

Even the Pulitzer-nominated fearless muck-raking TV reporter I used to respect greatly hasn't issued a peep, in his broadcast segments or his Facebook comments. The local station he works for comes up empty in a search on their site.

Gaviota said...

Your tolerance for trolls is extraordinary, Mike. I know why you do it. It's the "out of their own mouths are they condemned" thing, but I just hate trolls. I feel like I have to go rinse my eyeballs after reading their inchoate textual diarrhea.

Dick's Dad said...

You're getting flak, you must be close to something interesting.

That looks like a paid troll's work too, extra encouragement for you.

Some Disorganized Militiaman said...

I'd like to say on Mike's behalf that if he's a liar, he's a really good one, because I've both engaged in commerce with him and dealt with him on a "social level" and he seems straight up and he sure as hell isn't getting rich off of anyone or anything.

It's not like he has Morris Dees money, speaking of LIARS.

Five bucks says that Mike isn't a criminal sex pervert either.

Anonymous said...

The minor 'see what sticks' ravings of an 11 year old that has a keyboard and internet access with no adult supervision. If not an 11 y.o., then certainly someone with the maturity level of an 11 y.o.

Have a good chuckle and move on...

Bob K

Anonymous said...

Yeah, caught that reference to "your man Jesus". Either a Devil worshiper or a Demoncrate.

Dave said...

"It's as good to be despised by the despicable as to be admired by the admirable."

Alvie D. Zane said...

Maybe Mayor Bloomberg? He's big into straw purchases.

Not so much on plowing snow.

To the original Anon: What size boots do you wear again?

Dedicated_Dad said...


Don't feed the trolls -- they thrive on attention.

Cowards deserve anonymity -- a fact with which they agree since they always avoid self-ID.

The rest of us generally post our "handle" at least -- which any reasonably intelligent person would have no trouble tracking to us IRL.

Such vermin deserve less notice than the roaches they most resemble.


PS: WV="shilmen" -- only missed it by one "l"...

Son of Sam Adams said...

So did that Anonymoose come from a .gov domain? Or have they gotten smarter than that of late?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Eddy -- isn't that old news?

Anonymous said...

"You know what your man Jesus thought about lying, don't you?"

I know what the author of Hebrews thought about lying--he viewed it as a moral act, to wit: in the account of Joshua and the spies of Israel, Rahab lies to the authorities about her knowledge of the Israelite spies’ hiding place.

Her deceit leads to her being saved from Jericho’s doom and listed with the prophets as a woman of faith.

Note to anonymous: Jesus was *not* a Kantian.


oldsmobile98 said...

I don't think the original anonymous poster understood what Mike V. was saying. Or maybe he misunderstood on purpose.

Mike V. did not say that ALL of the innocent Mexicans that were killed were shot with ATF-walked rifles. He said SOME.

Yes, anonymous dude, there are gunrunners supplying arms to drug cartels. No one here is defending them.

The gunrunners are indirectly responsible for the people their smuggled rifles killed.

The ATF is indirectly responsible for the people their smuggled guns killed.

And the gangs that actually shot the innocents are directly responsible.

Simple enough?

oldsmobile98 said...


Must disagree with you on Rahab. The verse says she did not perish "because she had given a friendly welcome to the spies".

Yes, she did lie. But the lie was not rooted in faith. The welcoming of the spies was rooted in faith.

Clear as mud? ; )

It's not an easy verse, to be certain.

Anonymous said...

Hey Melson!
(with apologies to REO Speedwagon):

"Take it on the run, baby,
If that's the way you want it baby,
Then I don't want you around."

"I don't believe it,
Not for a minute,
You're under the gun,
So you take it on the run!"

Anonymous said...

Maybe his pussy hurts.

Anonymous said...

This is what the left does when it finds an effective enemy. Don't bother responding because they won't be swayed. Their intent is harassment, distraction and provocation, on the theory that if you're mad at them, you can't hurt their KOS (cause) and you might just do something stupid, which they can then hang around the necks of everyone else.

Make no mistake, this is the bad guys and they are here for a purpose. They are paid to be here and do this and it's also a labor of love for them. Little red stars on their hats and Che t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, Oldsmobile. Certainly the howling animal Malthus is correct, at least insofar as 'Christians' likely to read death-worshipping blogs like this one are concerned. Their God only dislikes lying if the lies don't strategically advance God's agenda. Lying as part of holy war against the Satanic enemy is perfectly ok, indeed it gets you sainthood.

Holy war = jihad, for those not paying attention. Malthus = Muslim Brotherhood, for those not paying attention. Two sides of the same death-loving, morally perverted coin.

Don't print this though, Mikey. It'll make the natives too restless. Go with your gut and censor. Disappear those comments that are inconvenient, like your man Stalin would have done back in the glory days of your former gang, eh? You haven't changed, Mike--you've gone from Bloods to Crips, that's all.

CowboyDan said...

This "anonymous" (or ONE of them, anyway) is a real PITA, isn't he?

Shame he ain't got the stones to register a handle so we can know which "anonymous" is which.

It would be nice to know who to take seriously and who to not.

W W Woodward said...

It's been said that a man is known by the enemies he makes.

I'm proud to stand beside Mike Vanderboegh.