Friday, January 28, 2011

Up in Nashville tonight and tomorrow for an archaeological meeting.

Stopped by the Carnton mansion in Franklin to return a wrought-iron basement window bar that had been stolen by an ethically-challenged young man in the late 70s and had been reposing in Alabama all this time. The guy who stole it died not long after, and the private collector who inherited it decided it was past time to return it.

While there, we stopped at the Confederate cemetery and strolled through the monuments. Was pleased to see that the Alabama state marker to the 129 men and boys from my state who died there was the only one with flowers -- artificial red roses -- placed at its foot. I was aghast, however, to find how developed the battlefield has become. Get this: there are tennis courts located slap up aginst the cemetery boundary. Shameful.



Anonymous said...

There is little respect for history anymore, little appreciation of what has gone before. Consequently, we'll likely revisit the lessons we should've learned.

What's even more sickening is the demonization of the Confederate side. I've always lived in the North, extremely so now ;-), so I don't know how it is in the South, but the schools in the North have done an outstanding job of painting The War in the colors decided by the victor. My children are taught by my wife and I, and will receive the education we decide, not that of the state. My nine-year old boy can talk circles around most adults concerning our history.

We're having troubles similar to the ones that started the last bloodbath now. I wonder how it will go.

Enjoy your time there, Mike.


Anonymous said...

My sister lives in Franklin and has a small Confederate cemetery on her property. I am glad to report that she takes the maintenance of it very seriously.

Trey ~

Brock Townsend said...

Shameful, indeed. There are five videos in the below link, if interested.

Going Home - McGavock Confederate Cemetery+(Franklin)

Anonymous said...

The iron bar thief who died?

He wasn't by any chance killed off by reading a book that kills collectivisms even more effectively than penicillin kills syphilis, was he?

Nahh, didn't think so.


Have a good weekend, and sleep well, knowing that teh wan won't be sleeping much at all - if he has the brains to understand that what's happening in Egypt is his fault.


Anonymous said...

It was good talking with you at dinner this evening. My buddy and I have got a lot of interesting stuff to think about now. I hope the rest of your trip is as fruitful for you as the first evening was for us.


Mark Matis said...

For Anonymous at 5:34 PM:
Your assumption is that The One is not THRILLED by what's happening in Egypt. I think that is a bad assumption. After all, he IS the Muslim in Chief.

Of course, he MAY not understand how those events may translate to THIS country.

idahobob said...

The Carnton Mansion? Wouldn't that be the Carter Mansion and Museum?


Anonymous said...


I thought he was Commi in Chief. :-P

When these things happen, it is fast, and it does to be absolutely ready and practised to jump in and fill that power vacuum, before the bolsheviks do.

Dutchman6 said...

Idahobob sez: "The Carnton Mansion? Wouldn't that be the Carter Mansion and Museum?"

No, Carnton. See here:

Pat H. said...

I think I'd recommend contacting the Sons of Confederate Veterans and letting them know about the cemetary to ensure it's on their list of grave sites to maintain.

They usually maintain the grave sites of the Yankee thug invaders as well.

idahobob said...

My mistake.....ya see, I've been to the Carter House and Museum, but not Carton Mansion.

My DW is from Franklin, but I have not seen all of the sights. We go back there a couple of times a year, and now I will have to put the Carton Mansion at the top of the list (maybe #2, after the Hermitage.