Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Sporting purposes?" SPORTING PURPOSES?!? I've got your sporting purposes hanging.

Hermann Goering at play. He was big on "sporting purposes."

David Codrea asks the pertinent question, "What do sporting purposes have to do with the Second Amendment?"

You know, Hermann Goering was real big on "sporting purposes." He was a BIG hunter. That didn't mean he wanted firearms in the hands of Jews or anti-Nazis. In fact, as well documented by JPFO, the whole "sporting purpose" bullshit was imported to American law only in 1968 from the Nazi gun control laws by Senator Thomas Dodd, who had been a Nuremberg prosecutor.

Goering and Dodd are likely burning brightly in hell at this moment, chatting between screams about the sick joke of "sporting purposes."

If the ATF or anybody else thinks the Three Percenters are going to obey whatever new diktat they come up with, well, they can join Hermann and Tom and chat about "sporting purposes." For our part, we will resist any new infringements on our property, our liberty and our lives, by whatever means appropriate and necessary.

End of story, or the beginning of civil war.

Your choice, Obamanoids.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters.


Scott J said...

Protecting the life and liberty of me and my family is NOT sport.

Defender said...

I USED to play gun games. IPSC, IDPA. Points, scores, trophies. Saw a lot of getting over on the other guy by peeking at the course of fire and pre-planning. Now I just train. That has a satisfaction beyond "sporting" competition.
Your previous article with the photo of the M-1 carbine? I once won first place in an informal sniper match at our range with a borrowed one. Never shot one before, but I was having a good day and a good spotter.
Organized gun sports are a confidence booster, and they encourage you to own a LOT of mags to save reloading them between stages, and that's good.
But guns are for something else.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

So how does one go about setting up a "would-be tyrant's hired muscle killing league" team, anyway?

Reverend said...

I've already discusses this with my wife. If they outlaw anything I currently own, I will fail to comply.

It's that simple.

WarriorClass said...

David Codrea asks the pertinent question, "What do sporting purposes have to do with the Second Amendment?"

Not a damn thing.


Harry Steele said...

Come and get them..........

TPaine said...

Fight's on! Free men don't need to hunt or shoot skeet, but they do need to defend themselves against tyranny! Which is a never-ending battle!

Anonymous said...

"Sporting purposes", if accepted, would then subject the owner to the environmental control gods. And given a choice between four leggeds and two leggeds, we know which they'd choose.

Anonymous said...

If the gumment wants my guns - Come and get'em. I will give you my ammo first!

Anonymous said...

2A is for "Sporting Proposes"? You mean they sale tags for these A--holes? Whens the season? How can you tell a legal one,(they all look alike to me). Where can i get a poltical hunting synopsis? I need to get a preserve map. Damn, i hope they haven't sold all the tags!....mthead III

Anonymous said...

New morale patch: "2A TYRANT TAG"....mthead III

A Brit said...

Let's see: Loughner killed six people and so US citizens can't be trusted with anything more than a "sporting" gun, whatever the deffinition of that might be.

One of the British bloggers (Bill O'Rites) has noticed something interesting: the death toll of British mass shootings is much higher than with US ones.

Oh yes, the Brits still get mass shootings, despite, or perhaps with the help of all the bans.

It would take 30,600,000 repeats of Loughner to get into the same ballpark of the over 200,000,000 citizens murdered by their own governments in the 20th century (Google "democide" and follow the links to university of Hawaii for the references).

Which one is the bigger risk to take?

A loughner slipping through the existing net at the rate of about one per 300,000,000 to 600,000,000 population per year?

Or risk tens of Millions going into mass graves without realistic deterrence.

Couldn't happen in the USA?

Ask an Indian about that...

Anonymous said...

Only a small percentage of my firearms are for sporting, a .45-70levergun and a 12 gauge.

The rest are specifically intended to kill bad guys. That means, rephrased, the majority of my weapons are intended to kill people.

Would be murderers, assaulters, hmoe invaders, but most importantly, tyrants.

Like those who would take away non-sporting firearms.


Dennis308 said...


No Nothing about SPORTING,

If they want my Guns/Mags come and get'em.....
If ya want to start I'll be glad to see it through to the end and that includes if ya start with someone else Mr.Guberment Shit Head.

Look back at American History, Just What The Fuck were the British TRYING to do at Lexington and Concord?


Anonymous said...

Godwin's law!

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Wait a second . . . guns for spouting porpoises?

W W Woodward said...

Whatever use I may or may not have put any firearm to is none of the state’s business as long as I haven’t damaged another’s person or property. Any arms, firearms or otherwise, I may, or may not, have ever owned may, or may not, have been given or loaned to people I may, or may not, remember at times and places I may, or may not, remember. And, to borrow a line from a movie, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

Some Texan said...

Hunting (and fishing) isn't always about "sporting purposes" anyway. Some of us do it to eat and for varmint control too.

I've used the BREN semi-conversion Len Savage put together for me from a mix of my parts and his parts and it's a 30 round detachable magazine TACK DRIVER, handily Well Sub-MOA) three times so far on feral hog patrol on my friend's ranches and farms and on my property. No magazine capacity limits on anything but avians in Texas..

They're nuisance animals, lots of people just shoot them and leave them lay. We actually eat them (and/or give them to people to eat, sausage grinder has been a good investment since the meat can be kinda rough, depending on what they've been eating) but there isn't one sporting bone in our body when we are out zapping them. Used to use an AR in Grendel but I like the BREN better for zapping baited hogs. Faster recovery for follow on shots with a 24.5lb "rifle".

It's actually been requested by one farmer now for an upcoming hunt. "Make sure to tell him to bring that limey device again. That one worked better than anything else anybody's brung so far."

Anonymous said...

The first purpose of my firearms is for the defense of my family, friends and myself and I have used them for such. (Thankfully, I was armed and had a modicum of training to handle the situations.) In normal times that is likely to be two legged varmints and if you're a country type, possibly some larger four legged varmints. No sporting purpose there.

Included in the definition of defense is against tyrannists and the footmen they send in an effort to subdue us. Make no mistake, we'll defend ourselves. No more free Waco's or Ruby Ridge's.

Come to think of it, defense is also the last reason I have firearms. Anything in between could be considered sporting by some as we train formally or informally and hunt to put meat on the table...

And for those that would doubt that GCA 68 was born of thought in Nazi Germany simply don't know their history of Daddy Dodd & company.

Molon Labe'

Bob Katt

V4V said...

The fact that our government, at all levels, concerns itself with making sure that the lazy, non-industrious, or just plain illegal have all the goodies basically placed in their hands at our expense while the same government entities, on the whole, are disquietingly silent on the issue of making sure each legal citizen is at least informed about and able to find at minimum a reasonably priced Mauser with a modest supply of ammo fills me with nothing but suspicion...

Almost like there might be something they don't want us to explore...but it's probably just me being right wing...

Dave B

N.A.T.M. said...

Re: Godwin's Law

aren't you the clever one anonymous at 1/29/11 7:34pm

Godwin's law you think eh?

I'd say you just demonstrated Godwin's Corollary, for everyone present to savour.'s_Law&ei=n5tFTdPME4eqhAe71oHAAQ&usg=AFQjCNH9GdJIJYh6aWbz-Hw1-aout5CxEA

Word verification says:

Rhodes said...

Time to get that Saiga 12 I been eyeballing, may as well a a few big old 12rd mags with it, maybe even a drum. God I love sports.

What sport you may ask? Doing exactly the opposite of whatever those jackboots wish including the most important...staying cool.

dwayne chandler said...

Ok, here is the scenario my question is based on. A major attempt to infringe and destroy the Second Ammendent is put into motion, despite the outrage and anger of the majority saying no to it, and this in turn sets in motion a neccessary second civil war.
What happens to all of us military personnel currently deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. oconus?

Dwayne Chandler, medic, US Army, currently posted between Kabul and the Pakistani border.

Anonymous said...

Dwayne @ January 30, 2011 10:18 AM:

No one will likely see this posted this late but...

Dwayne, you and all other patriotic service men should commandeer as necessary any and all arms, equipment and transport, get home and get in the fight to save your Nation, your families and your Liberty from the would be one world order tyrants.

That's the real fight for America, not that hopeless shithole your risking it all for now.

Imagine a whole brigade landing at Reagan and marching on Congress and the .....