Thursday, January 27, 2011

Domestic drones

Irregular JR sends us this link to a WaPo story on domestic drones. And he adds, "Make sure you see the sidebar too." Some attention should be paid to early warning/target acquisition and operational ceilings with an eye to countermeasures -- small drones are forced by overhead cover (trees and urban environments) to come down lower to get side shot images in natural and urban canyons, thus the lower flying models might be handled by a smartly operated 10 gauge, for example. Thoughts?


Pat H. said...

There are several relatively low cost methods for handling drones, but by far the most efficacious is to handle them at either the launch facility or at the piloting facility.

Next up is to locate the parts supply route and interdict that. You find the one or two components without which the drone becomes an expensive hangar queen.

The thing to remember about shotguns is that the various gauges are the same for velocity and shot size selection, differing only in shot volume per round. It's far more prudent, in my opinion, to have a 12 gauge with which you can put many rounds out in a short period of time, with ammo that is nearly ubiquitous, than to be able to put up one through five rounds with more shot, but very slow actions. I like my Benelli, others like the Saiga with the removable 10 round box magazine, or the 20 round drum. Both are very effective.

Anonymous said...

Cool.... an excuse to get into sporting clays. I even have an outdoor range with a skeet facility to practice at within 20 miles of my home. Plus I get to buy another gun....WIN-WIN.

Anonymous said...

Instead of a 10 gauge how about a potato launcher filled with ribbon spools? Those propellers won't enjoy eating ribbons.

rustynail said...

I've been thinking of an occasion to pass this on to you all. There's a book, The Secret War, by Gerald Pawle, available as an Acrobat file at
that describes the work of the British navy trying to come up with ways to combat/defeat the Germans during WWII. Chapter 10 describes the use of cables on parachutes, deployed by rockets, that were evidently quite effective against German aircraft attacking ships and land-based installations.

A certain author we know has described the use of radio controlled balloons carrying explosives to defeat surveillance blimps (LOL). Perhaps there may be some tips here that could be used to neutralize surveillance drones. Perhaps other drones deploying nylon nets, as well as light cables. Just thinking.


frosty2 said...

Who ever thought Trap and Skeet would become "tacticool."

Phelps said...

Lasing will also take out the optical sensors. Some clever machine work, a good rifle scope and a 1mw green laser has the potential to wreck the CCD in the camera permanently.

If you are willing to go with active countermeasures, a high powered strobe or well placed road flares will also make the images unusable.

It would be fairly easy for me to do based on my work with video production. I would recommend getting an HD camcorder (the technology is very similar) and your method of interference, and practice. (Just like anything else.)

Anonymous said...

Good ideas:
Politically it's going to be important to pursue this at least as 'a resonable expectation of privacy' and push for bona fide search warrants to be necessary for the darn things to even get airborn.

Failing that, adding to the other better ideas, become a darn good shot with your rifle of choice. Sure a shotgun with buck would git r done if it's close enough. Another consideration is using hand loaded shot shells in your largest rifle caliber, like a .338WM. That's a lot of power to move the shotshell package of your choice. It won't be good on your rifling or put out a good pattern, but it is an option.

Otherwise, consider the illegal launching of these things tantamount to a declaration of war and deal with the object, support equipment and operators accordingly.


Pericles said...

Need the militia equivalent of this:

A few smart guys should be able to replicate 1950s technology at a reasonable cost.

That lets you know a drone is operating within 6 to 10 miles of you. Next step is to ID and destroy.

Anonymous said...

The drones use more than one sensor to create a composite image of Optics, Infrared and Radar.  The term “Low altitude” is considered just above triple A threats such as the venerable Russian 23 millimeter (ZSU-23-4).  This altitude is about 13Kft.  Although the domestic threat from a ZSU 23-4 is limited, the drone Optics, Radar and infrared suite is extremely capable at this altitude and does not require lower altitudes to enhance imagery.
A 10 gauge would not do it.  The Mujahadeen during the Soviet/Afghanistan invasion learned to utilize chains launched from makeshift mortars to take down the Hind D helicopter gunships, or force them up to an ineffective altitude.  An 8 foot chain wrapped in the rotor could do what any small or medium caliber arms could not do.
Effective countermeasures would be Thermal blankets for IR masking, but the aluminized surface glows like a beacon to Radar.  I picked up artillery camouflage netting to protect my garden real cheap and that stuff has RAM (Radar Absorbing Material) in it.  For optics denial… hide and seek
These drone assets could be used to collapse the system by focusing their assets on spoof locations, encampments, and caches… this would be fun to watch
The best countermeasures is for the House of representatives to unfund this Big Brother crap and that day is coming soon no matter what their desires are…it costs money the treasury doesn’t have.
The Allegory III

Everymans_Heretik said...

All you guys are wickedly inventive concerning these "lil brother is watching you" domestic drones and altogether, an entertaining read...

Anonymous said...

How many of you have flown model airplanes and had the batteries run down or just a tad to far away and the bugger goes crazy.

If it is a local PO-PO op, then they won't have a secure link to the drone.

Answer-broad spectrum jammers. just do some leg work for the approx freq range.

Shy Wolf said...

LOL, that spud launcher has me rolling on the floor... cute. I don't see it being practical unless you carry one pre-laoded and ready to go, but whatever floats your boat, so to speak- sure ain't gonna knock a great idea!
But I wonder- can I have a show of hands for all who think there's gonna be any kind of dotfed concern for 'niceties' of law, such as warrants, when this shit starts going down? IMO, they're gonna be as concerned about getting a legal paper as I am about legally carrying my guns- just ain't gonna happen.
Spoof Locations? Hmmm.. now there's an interesting Keystone Cops scenario... :)

Anonymous said...

I do believe Pat H. has the correct answer on Predator Drones. As far as these smaller drones, excellent ideas, gentlemen!

VA Rifleman said...

Pericles, will this do for a cheap homemade radar?
$240. Now I just need to get some coffee...