Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here's a question: If they can call us "anti-government extremists" why can't we call them "anti-liberty extremists?"

Just saying. And ours would have the advantage of being true.


Anonymous said...

Very good, Mike.

Very good.


Anonymous said...

Yes we can! Yes we can!

typeay said...


With your kind permission I will be using that term from now on... whenever I address leftists and their ilk.

Dave said...

Seems appropriate to me...

Anonymous said...

THEY are anti-government, not we patriots. We are PRO-Government. After all it is WE the People who are the government and we all all for power to the people.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh. We are the government.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good phrase to use. For years, I've been calling (to their faces) "gun control" folks "anti-self-defense" folks. I ask them why they would deny a 100-lb woman the means to defend herself against a 200-lb male attacker. They never have a lucid answer.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I willl be using this phrase from now on.

btw my subscription is still headed your way.

Anonymous said...

I'll be using the term as well.

You started a meme. Let's see if we can get it out into wider use.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly right, Mike. Besides, I don't consider myself anti-government or an extremist (whatever that is).

I simply don't like large, bloated, corrupt, tyrranical government bent on stealing ever more of my hard earned living to waste on worthless AND unconstitutional projects and POS's that refuse to work. The more of my money they take, the less *freedom of choice* I have. Ain't that actually the definition of freedom? Gee, and I thought the left was all for 'choice'.

So, if I extremly don't like what a bloated governmint is doing while taking ever more of my liberty, that makes me an anti-government extremist?

All I'm looking for is the opportunity to air grievances and petition for redress-as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Sounds to me like all the libs (and anti-liberty politicos) want to do is squelch on the deal (Constitution). Shame on them. They will be routed from power, one way or another, sooner or later. I only hope it's bloodless and sooner, but I ain't countin' on it.

Bob Katt

Charlie Mike said...

That would make a great bumper sticker!

Defender said...

This is FASCINATING. The Supreme Court has ruled that police OUTSIDE a building can, if they suspect flushing or other destruction of evidence INSIDE, break and enter without a warrant. If they smell marijuana and then hear a toilet flush, CRASH is kosher. I bet hearing, or thinking one hears, a pistol slide being racked would also be acceptable. Or a crying child. Abuse, you know. Not that anyone would try to FLUSH a child, but a woman did strangle her toddler and put the body in a tote bag for a year. So why take chances?

Anonymous said...

"[W]hy can't we call them 'anti-liberty extremists?'"

Um, lessee...because "filthy fascist" sounds so much better? ;^)


sofa said...

May I suggest another term as well-

"Domestic Enemy of the Constitution"

Provides both (a) a clear criterion, and (b) an equally clear solution.

"... enemies, foreign and domestic..."

Ahab said...

Ohhhhhh, I love both of those terms, "Anti-Liberty Extremists," and "Domestic Enemy of the Constitution;" but, of course, "Filthy Facists" also gets my vote. So, I guess it's a tie between all three. I love it! I'll use them inter-changeably. Hah!

Defender said...

Interesting take on Gabrielle Giffords, from a Arizona poster. A comment about a politicial gadfly being interviewed by the FBI as a potential threat. He goes to politicial rallies and ASKS QUESTIONS.

"And so it begins
Giffords already tolerated no dissent. At a Fortune 500 company where she held a townhall (I was sitting in the front row), a top, world-renowned scientist questioned her version of global warming. Within a few weeks, he was "retired" at 29 years with the company (nobody does that). There was a shake-up there, and Gabby's BFF who ran the site was moved, but that's about it.

Whenever we showed up to protest or ask questions at her (3 only) townhalls, Giffords would go on local PBS to call us names ("the mob," carrying "swastikas," "inciting riots").

Then there was the dropped gun incident at Safeway in Douglas (on the border), where they tried to act that someone had been out to get her. No arrests, should have been no drama. And the broken window incident they tried to pin on anti-ObamaCare protestors (none of whom would stalk the partying Dems until 2 or 3 in the morning to break a window).

There has long been a chilling atmosphere here and she even lost on Election Day (but early ballots pushed her over).

After she recovers, no one will ever be allowed to question her again, and she'll have whatever seat she wants (Kyl's? McCain's) for life. Not to mention that she can campaign for silence from the opposition nation-wide."

Defender said...

At the upcoming state of the union address, the Dems suggest that everyone sit together to demonstrate tolerance and solidarity. One of those who agrees is Sen. Gillibrand of NY. You remember her. She ran as a Second Amendment candidate, then turned her coat once elected.
Limbaugh and his staff point out that if they mingle, the cameras won't see the new Republican majority...
A commenter on Freerepublic, a constituent of Giffords, says Giffords is no angel either, referring to dissenters as a mob, swastika-carriers. A man who objected to her opinion on global warming at one of her Congress on Your Corner events found himself out of a job.
The post itself ia about a man being visited by the FBI after his representative felt threatened when he followed him to his car to continue asking questions after rallies.
Asking questions.