Saturday, January 15, 2011

"No matter how insane she thinks we are she cannot wish us away. We are here. We exist and we are armed. Deal with it."

Pia Lopez: If she wants our firearms and magazines, she should come and get them herself.

My thanks to Kurt Hofmann at the Saint Louis Gun Examiner
for bringing to my attention this discussion in the Sacramento Bee which included this remarkable proposal from a SacBee editorial writer:

"It is time to reinstate the 1994 ban – without the NRA loophole. Simply ban the possession, manufacture, use or importation of weapons and ammunition clips that can hold more than 10 rounds."

Really? Poor ignorant female collectivist has apparently never heard of the Three Percent. I enlightened her:

-----Original Message-----
From: georgemason1776
To: letters
Sent: Sat, Jan 15, 2011 7:35 am
Subject: Pia Lopez's ignorant wish for a civil war over firearms.

Pia Lopez, Sacramento Bee editorial writer, declared on Wednesday that: "It is time to reinstate the 1994 ban – without the NRA loophole. Simply ban the possession, manufacture, use or importation of weapons and ammunition clips that can hold more than 10 rounds."

I trust Ms. Lopez will have the courage of her convictions and accompany the ATF raid parties directed to the doors of previously law-abiding firearm owners to enforce that unconstitutional diktat. If Ms. Lopez and her fellow citizen disarmament advocates want our military-pattern semi-automatic firearms and magazines and have the juice to pass a law to that effect, they should by all means come and get them. Come and get 'em and watch what happens.

No doubt Ms. Lopez would willingly comply if the federal government ordered her to turn in her laptop on pain of death. No doubt, too, that California's gelded firearm owners are already putting up with a slightly lighter form of such tyranny -- at least those who haven't voted their principles with their feet and left. But to extrapolate from her own cowardice over principle -- or from that of California's firearm owners hostage to your state's collectivist politics -- to the nation as whole would be making a big mistake. For she would have to kill millions of us "bitter clingers" from Montana to Michigan to Alabama to enforce her proposal, and WE would not go quietly into that tyrannical good night.

For we are still Americans as the Founders understood that concept and we will fight to the death for our natural, God-given and inalienable rights to liberty and property. Ms. Lopez may find that concept alien and condemn us as "throwbacks" to an earlier era. But no matter how insane she thinks we are she cannot wish us away. We are here. We exist and we are armed. Deal with it. If she wants to enforce such a policy she and her friends must kill us. All of us.

Stacking up hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of bodies in a new American civil war over the forcible disarmament of the citizenry seems a curious way to, in her words, "prevent large-scale death and injury."

Perhaps she should rethink her proposal in the interest of preventing really "large-scale death and injury."

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters.
PO Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126


Anonymous said...

Don't confuse them with words they don't understand at the very beginning of you missive's.
You have the boneheads running off to dikipedia for the meaning of : Diktat


WarriorClass said...

More than any other group, women support tyrannical government over individual freedom and private property rights. They consistently vote by overwhelming margins to use the government to steal from their neighbors and enforce their own corrupted sense of "fairness" upon them. Of course there are exceptions, but they are the exceptions and not the majority. The founders were correct to limit the vote to male property owners. Then there are the whipped men that go along with these women to secure their favors, failing to realize that women actually hate men that they can control.

Repeal the 19th amendment, and restore the constitution. It's that simple.


Anonymous said...

As usual Mike, well put. I doubt her boots will ever cross my threshold.
In Defiance

Carl Bussjaeger said...

Right. Kick in the doors of millions of gun owners because they're well armed.

Bad Cyborg said...

If you had sent that snail mail I would have said it was a waste of pen and ink - not to mention a totally innocent postage stamp. But as you sent it via email, I can only say you needlessly tortured coulombs of electrons to send a message Ms Lopez and her editors are constitutionally incapable of "getting".

I suppose she and her ilk consider such legislation to be within Justice Scalia's "reasonable regulations". I reckon a whole lot of shit is going to come down as a result of that little turn of phrase.

Time to reboot the republic.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Threatening women now, huh, Mike?

You get sadder by the day, amigo.

You are an even more virulent, unbalanced, and hateful form of David Horowitz.

Start off in Stalinism, though, and this is where you're likely to end up. Childish dreams of the world perfected, ruined by hard reality, and so where does the unbalanced mind then go?

To the other extreme, to the belief that EVERYTHING ELSE is in fact Stalinism (the despised former identity, yes?) and must be destroyed, just as the hated former self must be sacrificially burned.

But it never really works, does it, Mike?

Deep down inside, you at least will always know that YOU are in fact the dark thing you claim to fear.

You were it before you became convinced that everything but you is it.

All self-delusion. You cannot run from yourself, Mike. You'll always be caught.

Mac Bigelow said...

I had an odd thought when I read this paragraph and thought I would edit to show that thought. .."For we are still Muslims as the Mohamed understood that concept and we will fight to the death for our natural, God-given and inalienable rights to kill infidels and oppress women. Americans may find that concept alien and condemn us as "throwbacks" to an earlier era. But no matter how insane they think we are they cannot wish us away. We are here. We exist and we are armed. Deal with it. If they want to enforce such a policy they and their friends must kill us. All of us."

I know, kinda odd but that is what crossed my mind. We would no sooner give up our guns than Muslims would be to give up jihad. Hey Pia, you and yours best leave this sleeping dog lie.
Mac said...

Hitler, PolPot, Stalin, and others would applaud Pia Lopez's stance against the public owning firearms - Good old Adolph would probably give her a medal and a pat on the head.

Making firearms illegal for the populace to own sure made it alot easier for these guys to kill millions of innocent people.

Give Pia a good history book and have her read it with true understanding.

Make no mistake: guns keep us free. If Pia herself attempts to take our guns she is likely to find this to be true in a very personal way!

basset said...

"prevent large-scale death and injury."

Like they 'saved' the children at Waco?

Typical Tranzi.

Anonymous said...

Can't Understand Normal Thinking.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks for the link, Mike.

We also have Drs. Cook and Ludwig:

Incidentally, it is important that this time the ban go further than the 1994 assault weapons ban. That law had a giant loophole -- it grandfathered all existing large-capacity magazines, and there were millions in circulation at the time in the United States (or that could be imported from Eastern Europe). This time, we would hope for a flat ban on transfer or possession, such as the one that exists, say, in New York state.

Anonymous said...

She can't wrap this around her brain ... it doesn't matter.

It is always the same: "We MUST do something."

Even if it is just eye candy for the feel good effect.

Rhodes said...

Molon Labe!

daniel said...

It's not time to reboot yet. We still have several boxes to use before we get to the cartridge box...

"Soap box, ballot box, jury box, cartridge box. Use in that order."

Check out the Appleseed project. We build Riflemen and Patriots every weekend...

2AMD said...

Having lived in Yuma, AZ in the past there is good reason to have large capacity magazines. Yuma is a major drug corridor from Mexico and rampant with gangs. Our instructor when I took my CCW class said that in Yuma one was more likely to encounter a drug gang of 6 or more than a single assailant. We heard gunfire at night several times a week, a fact that the press and LE do not like to reveal. To be able to defend against a gang without having to reload was a must.

Defender said...

I'm sorry people are frightened by THEIR OWN FREEDOM. They can decline it if it's so disturbing but they can't take ours. If they think cutting up the Bill of Rights like a paper doll is the answer, they they are PRO-violence whether they realize it or not. This is not Australia or Britain. In the city near me, a man killed the first person he saw at 12:01 a.m. New Year's Day to log the first murder of the year. No other reason. If they think WE won't fight for our RIGHTS when they really-really come for the big one that protects all the others...

Defender said...

I've mentioned the Authorized Journalist -- a civil rights champion and self-proclaimed defender of the underdog -- who hopes one day to see all our semi-automatics gone. I guess a licensed, registered revolver would be acceptable IF you can prove a NEED.
I think I'll refer him here, so he may understand what he too is proposing.

Anonymous said...

Why not just make it illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits?

Or declare murder illegal?

Certainly either of those would have prevented the situation, right?

Anonymous said...

Nicely put, Mike.

Anonymous said...

God bless you.
You and your contacts are the guardians on the watchtowers, alerting the rest of us to the dangers coming toward us, so that we may have time to prepare.
Thank you.

B Woodman

Defender said...

Wow, people objecting to that grandfather clause are showing up in droves.

Cook and Ludwig said:

"Author John Lott, an economist who supports gun carrying, says that in the vast majority of cases in which a private citizen uses a gun in self-defense, the gun is only brandished and not actually fired at the assailant. Banning high-capacity magazines will have a negligible effect on the ability of citizens to use guns to protect home and hearth. For hunters, a ban on high-capacity magazines would be largely irrelevant."

Banning ammunition would presumably also have "a negligible effect" if you don't actually have to shoot a bad guy very often.
Too bad they object to look-alike toy guns, or we could just use those.
The arrogance.
Keep on. I will be able to look back and soothe my conscience by remembering these idiots' pontifications when I'm forced to forget that I am a gentleman.

Defender said...

Tucson victim Eric Fuller makes death threat to Tea Party member at town hall meeting, is arrested.
Seems to be a legitimate Tucson TV station website.

Takes photo, says "You're dead."

pdxr13 said...

Gun owners who, for some unfathomable reason must continue living in California, have mostly NOT turned in the SKS's that they got a 12-pack of for $900 back in the day. Howz about the "arsenal" of a half-ton of ammo and ten 30-round magazines for each of dozens of AK's? High-value (cash or utility value) weapons have mostly been retained in locked safes awaiting need or a chance to move out of State.

As history repeats itself with a slight twist, California is preparing for a genocide before and during the collectivist clampdown. The question is: who will be the actors and who the victims?


Defender said...

Defender said...

Hey, there HAVE BEEN swastikas on posters at Tea Party rallies. With the legend "NO REPEATS." A minor overlooked detail.
Nancy Pelosi has been heard to mention them too.
Rather like JPFO's "All those in favor of gun control, raise your right hand" featuring a saluting Hitler ... as a TARGET.

Bad Cyborg said...

Ms. Lopez would "ban the possession, manufacture, use or importation of weapons and ammunition clips that can hold more than 10 rounds."

And by so doing would make MILLIONS of us criminals! My Glock 22 CAME with one extra magazine and I bought another - I carried the 2 spares with me when I worked armed Security - so I already have 3 items she would prohibit.

One can only hope that when the the rebellion she is working so hard to incite happens that her name will be on SOMEbody's 100-head list.

(walks away shaking head disgustedly and muttering to self)

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Just remember -- she and her ilk have no reason whatsoever to believe these good words.

None whatsoever.

Words backed with zero action are noise.


Tom Wolff said...

I cannot see how a country of 3 different peoples can go much longer without a SERIOUS confrontation.

The Constitutionalist/libertarian
types are diametrically opposed to the statist/dependents. There IS going to be a fight. Soon.
WE are going to win.

The third type, you ask?
Oh, those are the ones who don't pay attention to what is going on, and have no hard opinion in any of these matters.

I think they will either wake up and choose a side, or they will become cannon fodder, so
to speak.

This woman is purely insane. I
also invite her and the rest of her bleating impotent ilk to come take from me what I
own. PLEASE, do attempt it.
I relish the thought.

As was said in a famous Clint Eastwood movie, "Dyin' ain't much of a way ta make a livin'".

Molon Labe, - Tom, III

Jimmy the Saint said...

"If she wants to enforce such a policy she and her friends must kill us. All of us."

Make no mistake, she and her ilk want to do exactly that. Oh, not personally, of course (at least for most of them), but they most assuredly think that any who oppose the Glorious Socialist Utopia should be killed.

I live in California - the hatred from folks like that is palpable.

GrayMan said...

has anyone knoticed yet that they always refer to high cap mags or mags in general as clips? well said Mike well said

Reg T said...

This twit has obviously never watched "Innocents Betrayed". Aaron Zelman could have told her of the 200 million who died in the 20th Century alone thanks to being disarmed. If that isn't "large scale death and injury" I don't know what is.

Tom Wolff said...

As an afterthought, Pia Lopez:

If I get in a SERIOUS firefight, I refuse to die due to a lack of ammo.

Put THAT in yer Kalifornicatia
crack pipe and smoke it!

Statist/collectivist BITCH!

- Tom, III

WV was "asine", I guess that
means "Asinine", just abbreviated? I have to laugh...

Toaster 802 said...

This is what happens to a disarmed people.

Is this what they really want?


Remember, collectivists eat their own first, Missy...

Anonymous said...

What Mr Rhodes sez.
(Been thinking about it as a tattoo on my right biceps)

B Woodman

Mark Matis said...

For Jimmy the Saint:

She and her friends have already lined up JUST the people to do that for them. And THEY are ready and willing to do so. In spite of their oath of office.

The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.

Concerned American said...

It's not time to reboot yet. We still have several boxes to use before we get to the cartridge box...

"Soap box, ballot box, jury box, cartridge box. Use in that order."

Check out the Appleseed project. We build Riflemen and Patriots every weekend...

Not bashing the good Appleseed folks, but since the first Appleseed event in 2005, has anyone noticed what has happened to freedom in this country?

AS trains folks in basic rifle marksmanship, and that is a virtue in itself.

The idea that AS is politically effective is pure dogma w/ no demonstrable fact basis.

V4V said...

Hey, anonymous: just for reference, a top-flight liberal identifier to us, the great unenlightened, is the technique of using a person's name to end every statement you gurgle forth in a ridiculous attempt to assert superiority over them. Next time, use "Michael" and especially find out his middle name and use that along with it. We love the entertainment, mom.

I checked my "clips"...nope...not hicap...thirty rounds just like it says in the instructions, which were written in cartoons so we could understand them. Me need go figure out how eat soup with fork now. Make head hurt.

This broad or whatever would be better off grabbing a guitar and making a living as a John Denver impersonator. hominem. They've earned it.

Dave B III

Defender said...

If we ever have to fight, we can thank people like this:

In the actual headline, "peaceful" is in quotation marks.
I've given up on arguing with him.
I'm sure he's being deliberately obtuse to piss people off so bad that they say something that could be construed as a direct personal threat. Then he'll call the cops if you're in state, the FBI if your not.
"Waco was a terrible tragedy, but after all, they were just a cult. And what possible connection does that have to do with threatening "Second Amendment remedies?'" That kind of thing.
It's AT LEAST as bad as we think

Anonymous said...

QUOTING the Boss:

"Really? Poor ignorant female collectivist has apparently never heard of the Three Percent. I enlightened her:"

That, my friends, is the part of my evening when a big sh*t eatin' grin appears on my face, stress melts away, I sit back in my chair, and get ready to watch the fireworks....

Defender said...

Well, they didn't actually apologize for humiliating and threatening the occupants and threatening to kill their barking dogs who were OUTSIDE. Well worth the reading.

Defender said...

Photos of those "Tea Party swastika carriers."

EACH features the word "NO" very prominently. No repeats, no socialism, NObama.
Remember that they've chosen to interpret "Nobama" a a death threat, sometimes. Whereas depicting George W. Bush with a bloody bullet hole in the forehead and saying "Bush is the only dope worth shooting" are just politicial metaphors. See for photos

Anonymous said...

"Soap box, ballot box, jury box, cartridge box. Use in that order."

Let's do a recap:

Soap Box... the Big Megaphone, completely controlled by the opfor, at least to the point of saturation and white noise.

Ballot Box... cue the laugh track here.

Jury Box... No joy here either without jury nullification and that has been quashed for, er, um, ever!

We're down to the nut cuttin' now.

Cartridge Box... Who's going to open the ball? Or, who's got the balls for it?

Nathan Hale III


Defender said...

I had the most amazing realization this morning.
I used to work in the news media. We had a small corporate union that represented us in contract disputes and so on.
When profits began lagging, there were layoffs, which the union protested.
At contract time, management presented them with a choice. Take a salary and benefits cut, with no guarantee that there would not be more layoffs, or accept a TWO PERCENT salary increase with a high likelihood of more layoffs. We voted for sharing in the profits we generated, just as management had continued to do all along. No sacrifies in the penthouse, no sir. Well, some of them took a very small cut in their BONUSES.
Half the workforce was let go. The survivors got their raise.
On my last day there, I suggested some kind of job action, a sick-out or strike, to demonstrate the union's solidarity against robber-baron management and daily on-the-job humiliation.
They didn't and haven't.
SOOO... you have collectivists who know what's best for all the rest of us, who wouldn't act ... collectively, when there was a personal risk. A financial risk, not an injury risk or anything.
That's why they love Leviathan.

Defender said...

Sharpton blames gun manufacturers for "seducing" black youth into the gangsta culture. Not hip-hop and rap, Ebonics, machismo and looking down on getting an education as "acting white."
Bill Cosby, please call him and ask "Was your head with you all day today?"
(His son once came home with a weird haircut. When Cosby asked who and how and where, he answered "I dunno.")
If Arizona DOES secede, I will seriously consider living there.

Anonymous said...

Pearls before swine, Mike.

She wrote this for one reason: To stimulate interest in her dead-tree-media publication. Past that, her intellectual capacities topped out sometime before potty training and she knows it.

Thanks for the literary tip. In return, here's your Grammar Clue of the Day...

An apostrophe doesn't mean "Look out! There's an 's' coming!"

(I know this concept may seem a bit advanced, but keep at it. Someday, when you get out of Mommy's basement, we'll go over the differences between it's and its.)


Anonymous said...

Last hunting season, there were over 43 million armed citizens trying to fill their freezers. That makes the largest standing army in the world. Who's the crazy one(s)??

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous @ 5:03PM:

The fourth largest army in the world is in Pennsylvania on the opening day of hunting season.

Yamamoto was said to have discouraged an invasion of the US mainland with the observation "there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass."


Defender said...

The usual. 13-year-old girl threatened with submachine gun, residents manhandled and forced to stand out in the cold in their underwear, dog threatened with lead euthanasia.

Might be nice if Ms. World-saving Journalist wrote about something like that.