Monday, January 17, 2011

Sorry, folks, I've been hacking-cough, no-sleep crud sick for the past two days.

Now, I come back to my email this afternoon, and find we're in the middle of another clue on Project Gunwalker that must be pursued. Maybe I'll have more later this evening.


Mark Matis said...

Here's hoping you feel better soon. Any chance that FedGov's "Finest" have been doing anything to cause those problems? I mean, they DID identify the anthrax guy, didn't they? And there's NO reason they would want to suppress you because, after all, they REALLY want to find out the truth about that murder of the Border Patrol agent.

Scott J said...

How interesting that you suffered from it when I did and we haven't been around each other.

I was in rough shape Sunday after waking up coughing on Saturday. I sent you a praxis suggestion on the subject.

Get thee to a doctor while we still have that freedom.

Several folks around my office have come down with a cough that sounds like this and needed steroids to finally kick it.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel alone in that, man.
I've had the same shit fer 10 days now...

Needless ta say, I ain't a happy camper.

Hope ya get over it soon.
God Bless ya.

Happy D said...

Look after your health first we can wait.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you may have pertussis, aka "whooping cough." I got it in late December. It is *highly* contagious. Get to a doctor, and get on antibiotics. Also, pertussis is informally known as the "100 day cough" (if not treated)!


johnnyreb said...

Everybody I know here in Fla has it, or has had it. Stay healthy.


Anonymous said...

Never, never feel under any obligation to post every day, OK?
all the best, cycjec.

Gillion said...

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