Thursday, January 13, 2011

Does Texas gun shop tie in with ‘Project Gunwalker’?

My source says in light of the bureau’s recent “emergency” request, the uncontrolled practice being reported is like allowing an area to be flooded with heroin just to get more enforcement authority.


Anonymous said...

Wow… I have been in both their shops before buying gun powder, bullets and primers. This is hitting to close to home. Being a “Hispanic male” I wonder how I will be treated the next time I try to buy a firearm with cash? I’m in no means using the race card or saying that anybody at Carters Country will treat me different. I have always got friendly service. I have a valid DL and CHL, I should have no problem. But why this Hispanic male? Did they do a background check and say this guy can’t buy, but give it to him anyway? Or was it because he was buying multiple firearms? I would like to know more.

Defender said...

"like allowing an area to be flooded with heroin just to get more enforcement authority."
They do that too. Demonstrate a "problem." Make it worse. Offer a solution no one would ever accept if the original small problem hadn't been magnified by YOU.

NORML offers the example of a PD doing a helicopter thermal scan of neighborhoods and finding a heat signature consistent with a marijuana "grow house."
A raid turned up guinea pigs in a pet incubator.
Helicopter thermal scans.

Anonymous said...

"....guinea pigs in a pet incubator."
Well at least nobody got shot this time! Or did they cap the guinea pigs as threats to the raiding party?

Have to follow procedure ya know!

Mark Matis said...

Fro Anonymous at 8:39 AM:

Why would they cap their brothers, even if they ARE from guinea?

Anonymous said...

And lawyers never lie, do they, Mike? At least not the ones you like.